Monday, March 28, 2011

Look who is on the Charts...

Briggy Boy is!!

Brigham had his 6 month check up with his GI doctor and he is doing AWESOME! I was so relieved because at his last check up back in September she wasn't too impressed and since that appointment he had gained 3 pounds and grew 2 inches, he stomach was not bloated at all which pretty much means he has no gluten in his body, his hair looks awesome, (when he was eating gluten his hair was very thin), She was very pleased and I am so glad! He doesn't have to go back for a year now!! Yea!! He is 5th% in Height, which isn't a ton but he used to be -15 % and he was 10th % in weight, where he use to be -5%, she was just so pleased to see him back on the growing pattern and I am too. He has been so awesome with his diet, he never cries about eating something that the rest of us are enjoying and he can't, he is a pro about knowing what he can and can't have, I have just been really impressed with him! WE love you Briggy boy and just hope to see you continue to grow big and strong!

Taekwando...2nd belt promotion..

Parley had his 2nd belt promotion in Taekwando while Trav and i were in St. George, so Trav's mom took him to it and took videos for us, thanks so much Heidi and my Friend Amy took pictures for me, thanks amy! We were sad to miss it but the videos were awesome and He is doing awesome! we are so proud of him, he really loves doing this and works pretty hard at it, he is pretty passionate about it!

 His favorite part about his belt promotions is breaking the REAL board, In class they practice on puzzle piece boards so it isn't until they get to the belt promotion that they get to break the real thing, he was really looking forward to it and he did it, way to go buddy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parley's birthday pictures...

I forgot to post his birthday pictures so here they are, I seriously can't believe that he is 5! He has been very excited/nervous to turn 5, He is very nervous because he has been quite worried about death lately and is always asking people how old they are, I think in his mind getting older is getting closer to dieing, we have been trying to teach him about the plan of happiness so he has a better understanding! He is also very nervous to get his kindergarten shots, and because of it doesn't want to go to kindergarten, i think once we get those shots out of the way he is going to be so excited about kindergarten, because he loves school now! I am nervous for kindergarten too, but I gotta say, I am more excited then nervous!! Mostly becaues I know he will do great and is ready!!

One of Parley's favorite things to do right now is play his nintendo DS, He absolutely loves it, and is a total champ about helping me out and getting his jobs done in the morning so he can play for his 30 minutes. I think he thinks about playing it constantly and I think he dreams about it too, it is always the first thing he wants to talk about in the mornings!
Parley has a lot of energy and I love it most of the time, we just have to find ways to put it to good use!
He is a great big brother, Him and Brig get along most of the time, yes they do have their arguments sometimes more often than not, but i think it helps them understand each other a little better. He loves to play with Ella and she loves it the most!
He is a big helper to his dad and has loves to go help him whenever he gets the chance, mostly because he usually always comes home with a slurpee and a dollar or two.
He is learning to read and I am learning the whole new meaning of patience :), no he really is doing really good with it. He is a smart little boy and has a thousand questions!!
He loves CTR 4's and loves his teachers, he gave our family night lesson the other night about something he learned in his class, he told of the first vision, and did an amazing job, i really was impressed, than he totally bore his testimony in his own little way, I loved it and am so grateful for primary!!
His favorite food is Pizza and can eat quite a bit of it, he loves it!
He has quite a temper, but we are working on that, he can get mad really easy especially if it has something to do with his DS..
His favorite tv show is probably curious george, and his favorite movie right now is probably Chip and Dale rescue rangers...
He is loving to play baseball with his dad and when it is decent outside, will ask trav to play catch, he is doing pretty good. He starts baseball at the end of april, real baseball this time, not T'ball, so we will see how that goes!
We are working on learning to ride a 2 wheeler, he is a cautious little boy so we will see how that goes.
He is very artistic, and works very hard on his work, he is a perfectionist just like his dad! I love seeing his drawings and what he will come up with next.
We love this not so little boy so much, he really is growing like a weed!
Can't believe your 5 buddy, hope it is a great year!!

Parley's Parties...

The Invites.... again pictures done by Elisha Snow
The Set up...
The cake... I colored the fondant while Trav made the pirate, I love having a husband that is a perfectionist...
The birthday boy had school and Taekwando on his big day

He was one excited birthday boy..

The friend/Pirate party...playing duck duck goose until all guests arrived...
Pin the eye patch on the pirate game, I am pretty sure there was some cheating going on :)..
Don't eat Captain Jack Game...
and I am pretty sure this game was there favorite, the Treasure Hunt...
Before we started the hunt Travis game them some pirate teeth and told them a pirate story about how a long time ago where we lived was the ocean and that there was a big pirate ship right where Parley's house was that sunk and it had a treasure in it, they were in awe listening to this story and loved hunting for the sunken they are running all over the neigborhood looking for clues, I couldn't keep up with them that is why there is no picture of them finding the treasure, by the time I made it to them the treasure was long gone...

It was a fun couple of days, I am so glad I have a 6 month break until I get to plan another birthday party!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ella at 2...

Ella had her 2 year check up and here are her stats:
Weight: 25 lbs. 6 oz. 33%
Height: 32 1/2 inches 24 %
Head: 49.5 cm 93%

My doctor usually has me hold my babies while he checks them, but Ella crawled right up on the table and laid there as still as can be, he kept saying , " I have never had a 2 year old lay her so still". She was hilarious!
She is quite the energetic little girl and is into everything. She has a curious mind! She loves to read books and loves to play with her brothers. We love this Happy little girl more than everything!
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We took Parley to Boondocks the night before his birthday, all 3 of our kids loved it and would have stayed all day. It was awesome because they do an unlimited pass if it is your birthday for free and they give you a 5 dollar arcade card, it's like a 25 dollar value, and even though it was the night before his birthday they still let us do it! Parley loved the arcades the most and him and Trav actually did the laser tagging, parley liked it but trav thought he was still a little to young! they loved getting tickets and then buying some treats with them. i remember as a kid at lagoon that was always my favorite thing to do too!
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

St. George Trip...

I took Trav to St. George for his birthday last weekend and sadly these are the only pictures I took, but I guess it is ok because this is why we went, so Trav could golf! We had a good time of just being together, we golfed, ate out almost every meal, it was awesome, went to a movie, watched movies at the condo, took a nap, shopped just a little bit, watched jimmer and the cougs win twice, saw some of my family and just loved not worrying about any kids and staying out late! Thank you to Heidi who watched my kids, I know they can be a handful and can be quite tireing so I really appreciate it! and also thanks to grant and Heidi for such a fun place to stay, we loved it!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Years Old...

Happy Birthday to our little P-Man! You were our first little miracle and have been such a huge blessing in out lives. We love you more than anything!! Hope you have the best day ever!

Our little Hawaiian native...

And now he is 5.... Holy cow, where did the time go! we love you buddy! I just received his kindergarten registration in the mail, I can't believe it!