Thursday, January 14, 2010


Little Brigham has quite the personality! He is so energetic, but will still sit and cuddle with you as long as you have his blanket and binky (I think this is why i am having such a hard time getting rid of the binky). He really is a pretty happy kid, he loves to snack all day long a few of his favorites are, vanilla pudding, chocolate, carrots and ranch, gogurts, string cheese and pretty much anything with sugar in it!! He is always so sad when parley goes to school and today he actually asked me where his back pack was so he could go to school too! I think he is growing, he finally has a couple pairs of pants that are 12-18 months that are getting a little short, I have been waiting for him to grow out of his clothes for a long time now :) ! He has exzema, and it makes me so sad, his skin always seems to be irritated by something, he has handled it like a champ though, He hardly ever complains about it and if he does, I will just put a little cream on him and he is good to go! He is such a joy to have around, I wouldn't know what to do without little Briggy boy!

Whenever the kids get to pick out a treat at the store, Brigham doesn't bother with the ring pops or starbursts like his brother, he goes straight for the good stuff, a whole hershey's chocolate bar and for some reason he can't stand to keep the paper on it, so it melts all over him!
The other day Parley was playing Wii fit, where you run in place, Brigham wanted in on the action but insisted that he wear a hat, so this is what he came out with, what a goofball!

He LOVES breakfast, he wakes up around 7ish every morning and I always try to put him in bed with me for a minute and he won't , he just keeps asking for breakfast, his favorite right now is oatmeal and he has about 2 bowls every morning, he loves the stuff and will even ask for breakfast after his naps.

notice the blanket in the high chair..He always has to have his blanket sitting there while he eats!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year...

Wow, I can't believe another year has passed and it is 2010. 2009 was a great year for our family, The best part about it was Little Ella joined our family and now she is already 10 months old, I was already a month pregnant when my other kids were 10 months old, don't worry, I am not pregnant!! January really isn't my favorite month, it always seems to be a hard month to get through, but I am so glad we have something to look forward to in february, our cruise!! We are so excited to go, I am not going to know what to do with myself without my kids, but I will enjoy it!!

Anyways we had a great new years, it was a little different this year for me, I missed the annual Anderson New years eve bash ( the first one i have missed my whole life), My inlaws just bought a house down in St. George so we headed down south for the new year, it was a lot of fun, Travis was able to golf a few rounds, and It was so nice to play outside with my kids, We played some Wii, ate out a few times, and just enjoyed being together, I love having my husband all to myself and I was so glad he was able to golf a couple of times, he has been so busy at work, so I am glad he was able to do what he loves best! The drive down there was a little scary with all the snow, we saw a few serious accidents and we came very close to being hit by someone, it was a little scary but we survived! Travis, I and Brigham were the only ones that stayed awake for new years, it was a little sad, but we gave our kisses and went to bed, it was a very quiet new years but it was still very fun being with family and the home they bought is beautiful, I am sure we will be making lots of memories down there!!

The park at this new house was so nice and the kids loved it!! Ella loved the swings!

Shooting off the rockets he got from santa!

Ella loved the swings, she would have swung all day!!

Having some lunch!

I love my boys!

Playing the wii!


Ella loved playing with her cousin claire, Claire loved going up these stairs and Ella could only stand up to the first one and she would watch her cousin in awe as she climbed the stairs.

Enjoying some popcorn and watching curious george!

Parley stayed awake the whole way home until we hit bountiful, so we tried to keep him awake with a ring pop, as you can see, it didn't really work!!

Happy 2010 everyone!!