Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mabel's Blessing day 6/3/2012...

Mabel Kate Shupe was blessed on June 3, 2012. Travis gave her a beautiful blessing. and i am so grateful that  a sweet lady in my ward wrote almost all of it down for me and gave it to me after. I didn't even ask her to do that  so I am grateful. We have loved having little Mabel in our family, the kids adore her and love when she smiles at them, We all think that she is the most like Brigham, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she won't be celiac!!all of our families were here for the blessing, so nice to be so close to our families! We love you sweet Mabel!

a few things that the lady from my ward wrote down:
-you have been born into a family who loves you and has awaited your arrival anxiously!
-Bless you that you will find a closeness to your mom.
-Born into a family with a great heritage/legacy., stay close to them, honor that heritage/legacy.
-Be wise in your decisions
-gain a testimony at a young age
-bless you with a strong sense of urgency of satans deceptions

(her dad kissed her after he blessed her-so sweet)

Brigham's preschool graduation 2012..

This is Brig's second of three preschool graduations, he turns 5 the first week of september so just barely misses the deadline, but i am glad he will be old in his class!but that means he has one more year of preschool, we are so sad that miss allison is going back to full time teaching, because we have loved her the past 2 years. but we have him in a new one and i hope it will be just as good!Way to go Brig! we love you!

 He had to say a little poem about the color blue, he did awesome, i was so proud!!

 he loved going to school with one of his best cousins, charlie!