Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Buzzes, baseball and muscles...

Travis gave the boys much needed buzzes last night and they were playing so cute and having so much fun that I couldn't pass up taking a few pictures of them. I love these boys..
Ella wanted in on the action too!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last night the kids were watching a movie and I gave the boys their blankets and Ella started screaming at me and it took me a minute to realize she wanted to sit on the couch with her blanket too, as soon as I got it for her she was as happy as can be. I love that my kids all have blankies, some are a little more attatched then others but they all love them.

Toy Story 3..

We went to Toy Story 3 for family night last week. The boys loved it and so did I! ( I totally cried at the end, it was embarassing because it is an animated film, but I have talked to a ton of people who cried too so I don't feel so dumb anymore)

We went swimming at Cousin Charlie and Claire's house, the kids loved it and love being with their cousins...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parley and Swim Lessons...

I put Parley in Swim Lessons at the Farmington Pool, it was very last minute because I already have him signed up for some private lessons in July, but this was fun and it gave him something to do everyday, I don't think he learned much but he did have fun and that's what counts!!

Kicking his little heart out...
He loved running in the pool and splashing his teachers..

My little boy that is not so little anymore!

He passed with flying colors...
the thing with swim lessons is it got us going everyday, Ella and Brigs were troopers to sit there every day for 45 minutes, especially because Ella really wanted to get in the water, I had to keep her occupied with lots of snacks...

Parley loves to go go go... This is part of his summer routine, his work books, he loves to work on these and is doing a great job on them..

Here he is Multi tasking, I don't even know who he is talking too but I thought it was so funny i had to take a picture...
He loves his play dough...He always has to be doing something..I love this kid and hope and pray that he can always stay away from the evils of this world, something that I have been worried about a lot lately, this is such a scary world , I am so grateful that I lived such a sheltered life and was so naive to so many bad things out there, I hope I can do the same for my kids and raise them in righteousness, that is my lifelong goal!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wanda's engaged...

That's right! Aunt Amy is getting married. We are so excited for her and Kyle (My kids are going to have 2 uncle Kyle's, that is going to get confusing). The big date is Sept. 30 in the Salt Lake Temple. Congrats Amy, we really couldn't be happier for you and we love Kyle and welcome him to the family! My kids love Aunt Amy, She is going to make an awesome mom one day!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day...

Happy Fathers day to my awesome Husband, These 3 love him more than anything (and doesn't he look handsome in his new suit) Travis got released from the Young Mens yesterday and it was quite an emotional day for him, He has served in the Young Mens since we have been married almost 8 years ago, He is not quite sure what to do with himself now! Those Young men sure loved him and he did an awesome job with them, he will really miss it but you can't do something forever right??

We have so many awesome Dad's in our life! We love you all!! We missed you Dad but thought about you all day!!

We enjoyed an awesome dinner at the Shupe's, this is Ella enjoying some of hers.
and this is her saying Cheese..

We headed up to Gpa Salmons grave with the salmon family, it was really neat to hear Granny talk about some of the things Grandpa did and things that he enjoyed. And a couple of gpa's kids told stories about him. It was fun to remember him, we miss him!
She is seriously the picture perfect Granny!!
They brought some of gpa's favorite snacks for all of us to enjoy, Slush bars was one of his favorites so my kids were thrilled.

Ella even shared with Gpa..

We just love Granny, She is so sweet, I think Travis cries everytime they hug, She has been a little lonely since Gpa passed away almost 3 years ago but what a blessing it is that we all get to be with him again someday, I think thats what keeps granny going! She told Travis last night she wished she could have gone first and Trav said, "No granny he is up there building you a house and she said then I need to be there to supervise, but then she thought for a minute and said, " no, he wouldn't let me have any input anyways"!! What a sweet lady!!
And this is just a little side note, One of Gpa's favorite treats was watermelon, so they had slices for us to eat, Well Ella ate her fair share, She loves watermelon and couldn't get enough of this last night, she doesn't love to sit on the grass but found this grave and she sat down and enjoyed a few pieces of watermelon, she sat here for about 30 minutes and ate her watermelon down to the rind...

She was really into it!!

My dad still won't be home for fathers day next year but he will only have about 2 weeks left, I can't believe it!!