Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day ...

Christmas day was great! We started the morning with a bloody nose from Parley, so I was washing sheets even before we started opening presents, and it was funny because Travis hid my stocking this year (a tradition that my dad has always done and travis didn't want me to miss my mom and dad too much so he decided to carry that on) and it was in the washing machine, so because i was washing sheets it was the first thing I found christmas morning! The boys had a wonderful morning and then we went to Shupe's for a yummy breakfast, then back home for some naps and on to Granny's for some dinner, it was a busy day, but we all had a great time. Ella didn't feel her best but for the most part I think she had a pretty good day! The boys loved everything about the day, the presents, being with family, eating treats, the wii and much more! We hope everyones Christmas was just as great as ours.

This is just after we had taken care of the bloody nose!
Waiting in the hall while mom checked to see if Santa Claus came.
Parley's favorite part about Christmas was his stocking, it was the first thing he opened and he kept trying to get all of us to open ours and Brig just wasn't interested!

Brig trying out his new train!

The favorite gift, the blast pad, the boys love shooting off these rockets!

I surprised Trav with a garage vacuum, just what you would always want for christmas, a vacuum! He was thrilled.

Ella woke up about an hour after the rest of us and she just soaked it all in, it was so cute! Parley was dying for her to open her stocking!

Giving her new doll some kisses.

Then to Grandma's for some breakfast, where Santa Claus was making some awesome omelettes!

Jess gave Trav a red ryder, he was thrilled!Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Playing a hunting game on the wii, parley and brig loved it.

Playing some mario kart!

Ella in her dress that grandma gave her for christmas!

And Travis and I recieved a gift that keeps on giving, Travis's parents gave us all a cruise to the western carribbean!! We leave Feb. 6-14, We are so excited, now all i have to do is find some babysitters and wean Ella, because this is a trip without the kids, i am not going to know what to do with myself but I am actually really looking forward to the break!! except i know i will miss my kids so bad!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Christmas Eve..

Christmas eve was great except that Ella had a double ear infection and really wasn't feeling so hot! We had a yummy breakfast at my brother doug's house and then finished up some last minute things, watched a movie with the boys then headed to Shupe's for a yummy dinner. The kids opened their christmas jammies and we headed home, it was a fun night! Christmas comes and goes so fast, it kind of makes me sad, but we had a great holiday!!

One of the only smiles we got from Ella all day!! I hate having sick kids especially on the holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Salmon family christmas party...

We had a great time at the Salmon Christmas party this year. The food was great, the entertainment was very fun, and there was a special visitor, Santa Claus, all the kids were able to sit on his lap and none of them cried :) Ella actually gave him some big grins, it was so cute!

Parley and Brig on the pinata, they both gave it some pretty good hits!
It think Brigham is going to be our little sports star, he seems to have the coordination and he loves balls!

Parley and Charlie helped santa ring his bells for while we all sang jingle bells.

Granny Salmon even sat on santas lap, This lady really is one of the most sweetest ladies I know, She is the perfect Granny!!

Ella giving Santa some grins.

Enjoying some candy canes.

Santa asked Parley if he knew what Santa's favorite reindeer was, Parley gave the right answer, Rudolph!

He was a little nervous at first.

Charlie with Santa.

Brigham was a little hesitant and when Santa asked brig what he wanted for christmas, Brigham said a candy cane!

Ella and Claire, Claire will be one tomorrow, This year flew by!! I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away, I love it!!

Christmas Program and the nativity...

I love the christmas program in Sacrament meeting, and this year our ward did an awesome job, I really wish i could sing because i would love to sing in the ward choir! I can't wait to see little Parley up there next year singing with the primary! Here is a few pics of the kids in their christmas outfits, It is impossible to get a good shot of all 3 of them, so this is the best we could do!

The joys of my life!!

On Sunday we had all the shupe's over for dinner and we acted out the nativity. It was a fun night, the kids did a good job playing their parts. Oh how we love this time of year!!

Parley and Brig with A. Jessie and A. Amy

Parley was Joseph again and Jessie was Mary

Tobie was the angel, so cute!

The cast...

We attempted to sing away in a manger after, but lets be honest, we pretty much can't sing! Parley than got on the stage and sang jingle bells, he is pretty good at this song and it is pretty cute to see him sing it.