Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011..

Happy Halloween everyone!
Parley: Mountain Man
Brigham: Cowboy
Ella: Nice witch

 checking out the candy..

 the dad after trick or treating, he was pooped!
K it has been forever since I have posted so there is quite a few posts after this one, keep reading if you care!

2nd halloween party...

Our 2nd Halloween party was at my Parents, and it was so fun, mostly because it was the first one since they have been back from their mission and the tradition of the treasure hunt was carried on. the kids all loved it and so did I. thanks mom and dad, again it is so fun to have you back!!

 my dad always starts the treasure hunt with a lesson and talks about the light of Christ in our lives. it was awesome and the kids each get a glow stick to help them remember this light!

 finding and reading clues...

 one of the clues was at the browns fire pit, I love this picture of my dad teaching his family!
 after the hunt we all throw our glow sticks in the air. I have always loved this tradition, my dad has done it for as long as I can remember. I love that he can turn a dark spooky holiday around and help us focus on the Light that we each need in our lives.

carving pumpkins...

first Halloween party...

Our first Halloween party was at the Shupe's, we had a yummy dinner, played games and danced to the monster mash. My kids loved except Ella who was terrified of Granpa's wolf mask and it turns out that the wolf mask was the only one she was scared of, we saw one similar to it at a trunk or treat and she was terrified again but wasnt' scared of anything else. funny!


 The witch stirring her brew...