Friday, December 23, 2011

Pregnant with #4..

I know everyone already knows this but i thought I better put it in the blog. We are excpecting #4 on April 6th. This pregnancy has been a little harder than I remember, I am not sure if it is because it has been 2 1/2 years since i was pregnant last or if it is just that I am getting older. Whatever it is we are excited to welcome another one to the family. Oh and it's a GIRL! Making it 2 boys and 2 girls for us, perfect!! 

Concrete hand stamp...

 Well the last of our concrete was poored yesterday at our new house, so we headed over and stamped our hands in it! Can't wait for this house to be done, I need my normal hubby back!

Probably 2 months away from moving in!

Playa Del Carmen...

Grant and Heidi gave Travis and I a wonderful gift for Christmas this year, a trip to  Cancun for 5 days! It was amazing! We stayed at Haciendas Tres Rios, it was a beautiful, all inclusive resort, we layed in a cabana on the beach everyday, the weather was amazing, the food was even better and the endless virgin pina colodas and strawberry daquiries, and chips and guacamole served right to our Cabana were just too good to be true! Thank you Thank you Grant and Heidi for a fabulous vacation! it came at the perfect time for us, we loved every minute of it!

Our view from the Cabana!
 Trying to decide what to order for lunch!

 This Helicopter kept landing right behind our cabana, it either had important people or drug lords in it, we werent to sure as they were always wisked off in a car as soon as they landed.
 The one day we left the resort to do some shopping on the 5th!

 These little creatures were everywhere and just wait for you to feed them something!
Hope to go there again someday!

December Happenings...

Bling is back in full force and the kids love looking for him every morning!  One morning while Travis and I were in Cancun, Bling hid on the fan and Ella happened to turn it on, well bling went flying and knowing that we aren't supposed to touch bling my sweet mom put on her little gloves and picked him up and placed him safely somewhere else. The kids can't stop talking about when bling flew off the fan!

 Our Annual Anderson Christmas service at the Bishop's storehouse was another success. The kids loved it!

 so many helping hands..

 taking a break to go for a ride...

 After the service we headed to the brown's for a dinner and fun, This is where Doug and Katie announced that they are having a Girl!! after 4 boys this is such exciting news. Now all 3 of us pregos in the anderson family are having girls! Yea!
 The excitement is in the air at the Shupe home!!

 Bling hiding in the tree!

 The Shupe's all came over for dinner and the nativity, we had some awesome actors this year!
 Ella as the Angel!
 Jessie as Joseph and Tobie as Mary...

 Charlie and Claire as Shepards...

 The angel with attitude...
 Parley, Brigham and Alex as the 3 wiseman...
 all of them taking their bow..

 We have seen santa a couple of times this one is at our ward breakfast, Ella wanted nothing to do with him!