Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 Wheelers...

They both did it! I couldn't believe it. Parley has been wanting to do it forever but has been very timid about it! but on wednesday we finally tried it and he did it on his 2nd push! I have never seen him so excited, he was yelling the whole way down the street, I am doing it, I am riding a 2 wheeler, wahoo! it was hilarious! I was so glad he finally did it! Way to go Pars! Now he rides to and from school everyday with all his buddies, he loves it!
Brigham on the other hand really didn't care whether he rode a 2 wheeler or not but 2 days after Parley did and only 3 days after turning 4. we decided just to let him try it. I couldn't believe it, he took off like it was no big deal, we were all cheering for him and he was like what's the big deal, this is a piece of cake, The kid cracks us up, he was ringing his bell and swerving all over the place on purpose almost like he was showing off!  The only problem is, he isn't quite tall enough and can barely reach the pedals when they are all the way down, so you have to help him stop, he will just keep riding all around until someone helps him stop! Hilarious! way to go Brig! All I can say is it is a good thing His big brother did 2 days before him otherwise I don't think Parley would have been so proud!
Way to go Boys!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to Briggy Boy!

Our little Brigham had his 4th Birthday. I can't believe he is 4 already, it seems so weird. He had a pretty special birthday because it was also his first day of preschool, so he had a busy day but he loved every minute of it! Brigham is a pretty sweet little boy. He always remembers his nice words and his little prayers are about the sweetest things I have heard! He is always willing to share and always tries to be a friend to everyone! we love you so much Briggy boy! happy birthday bud!

Brig had 2 little parties, one on sunday night with some of the Anderson fam and then on tuesday night with the Shupe's! Thanks everyone for helping make brig's day special!
Brig insisted on a cars birthday this year so that is exactly what we did!

 his first party...

 My aunt and uncle were in town from Idaho so we had them over too, it was so fun, here she is giving brigham 4 dollars for his birthday because he was turning 4..

 His 2nd party...

 He didnt love his gluten free cake last year, so I took the easy way out and made a gluten free rice krispie treat cake. Easy peasy! and he loved it!

 All ready for his first day of Preschool...

 At his school...

 He is one happy little  boy!

 good thing he always has his big brother there to help him :)
We love you Brig... Hope your 4th year is awesome!