Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Parley!!

(Sorry there are quite a few pics with this post,i couldn't pick and choose,so most of them are for our families journaling!)

We celebrated Parley's birthday on Saturday, it was a very busy day, he had 2 easter egg hunts that morning and then we had a little family party that night with the Shupes and my mom and dad! It was a fun day! Parley is very into trains right now,so i decided to attempt a train cake, it turned out ok, it was a lot of work but Parley loved it so it made it all worth it. He was such a fun Birthday boy, i can't believe i have a 2 year old! He has such a fun personality. i love hanging out with him all day, he is always making me laugh and keeps me on my toes. He is learning his ABC's and notices any letters or numbers on anything. I am amazed at how smart he is getting! He went to the doctor this morning and is growing so big, He is healthy and strong which is always good news. He weighed 26 1/2 pounds (30th %) was 33 1/2 inches tall (26th %) and his head was 77%, ya gotta love those big heads!! Anyways he is a delight to have in our family! He can light up the room! we just love this boy!
His birthday invitation!

He got some new blocks from the shupes and absolutely loves them, they were burying him here and he was laughing so hard.
He also got some new golf clubs like his dad, they were practicing.
Showing off his new shades.
Resting after the big party!
Our little family!
the half eaten cake.
reading his new books with gma and gpa anderson.
We played a few games with Parley like, ring around the rosies, going on a bear hunt and we colored eggs.
Some of the finished eggs.

He was so spoiled! But did a really good job at opening presents. he has finally learned how to do it.
Percy, just what he wanted!
great gpa shupe sporting the conductors hat, aunt meme and aunt kaka, Parley loves these guys so much.
Silly Grandpa Shupe

Kaka and Parley eating their dinner.
Parley showing Gpa his cake!
The Train Cake!
The Birthday Boy!
More cake!
too many presents?

Happy Easter!!

I love easter, It was a little early this year but what a great way to start spring, being able to think about our Savior and his amazing sacrifice! What a blessing the resurrection is to me and my family!
We had 3 Easter Egg hunts this year, The first one was our neighborhood one, Parley wasn't too sure about it, he was pretty cold and did a little better after he figured out what was in the eggs. Then it was off to Grandpa Andersons famous annual hunt, (although it was in a different yard this year). He had great prizes and candy and of course eggs with money in them, We didn't know this till later so parley didn't get any eggs, but thanks to his nice big cousins they gave him some and Parley pulled away with 6 dollars! He did a little better at this hunt and actually didn't want to come inside. We then had a great lunch and hung out for awhile. Sunday was our third and final hunt at the Shupe's, by now Parley was a pro, and loved finding the eggs and the fruit snacks that were spread out everywhere. Brigham also got in on the action. WE had such a great day, thanks to family! The Shupes had an awesome Easter dinner for us, thanks Heidi! The boys looked darling in their easter outfits, maybe one day i will get to dress a little girl up! Happy Easter everyone!
Finding eggs at the Shupe's easter egg hunt, this was his third hunt and was a pro by now!

Cousin Charlie finding his egg!
Brigham gettin in on the action!
Parley and Charlie enjoying Easter dinner, well actually neither of them ate very much, they were more interested in other things. They don't know what they are missing!
Our little family just before church!
We decided that Easter is Brigham's favorite holiday, he was all smiles all day!
Parley going through his basket.
The easter outfits, it is near impossible to get a good picture of these guys lately, its hard enough getting at least one of them to look at the camera but 2,ya right!!
Aren't they cute though? i love these boys.
Neighborhood easter egg hunt!
Enjoying the goods!
Dad's easter egg hunt.
Travis and Brig trying to stay warm.
all the kids, Parley again wouldn't sit for a picture, he is the one in the background heading over to the trampoline.

Big Boy Bed...

We finally did it! We moved Parley into the big boy bed and he is doing great! Poor Brigham has still been sleeping in the porta crib and wasn't sleeping the best. So on Thursday we rearranged the rooms, transferred clothes and toys from closets and that night we did the big change. Parley got out once, just because i think he could and then after that slept all night until 9:00 am ( he has never slept in that long) and Brig also slept all night. Amazing!! Brigham has also been taking really good naps during the day, its done wonders on us!! So that was our big accomplishment this last week!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birthday Dinner...

I haven't ever blogged about my brothers and sisters and they are a huge part of my life. So a couple of weeks ago we all met for dinner at Olive Garden, Mom and Dad decided since they won't be here for birthdays this year or actually the next 3 years, They bought us all dinner and we're calling it good for a few years. Brad and Aimee were even in town from St. George so all 7 of us and spouses were together, we had a great time. Thanks mom and dad for a fun night!
I got pictures of all of us, Starting oldest to youngest!

Mom and Dad- Soon to be Pres and Sis Anderson of the San Pablo Philippines Mission!
WE are sure going to miss you guys! But can't wait to come and visit!

Angie and Jim Wagstaff- Angie is my oldest sister and i totally admire her, whenever i need good ideas or someone to talk to, she is always there! She is an amazing mom of 6, and her kids are also amazing. Perfect examples for my kids to follow. Jim is also pretty great, we love you Wagstaff's

Brad and Aimee Anderson- These guys live in St. George and always have a place for us all to stay. We love to go down and visit them. My Brother Brad is currently serving as Bishop and is doing an amazing job. Aimee is also an amazing mom of 6, And there kids are so much fun. We miss seeing them so much but love it when we do get together. We love you guys, can't wait to see ya in a couple of weeks.

Jason and Heidi Anderson- Jason is the comedian of our family. We always have lots of laughs when he is around. His sweet wife Heidi is amazing. They have 5 beautiful kids, and are currently living in Kaysville. We love you guys.

Ted and Jen Anderson- People say that me and Ted are probably the most alike in looks. He is a total teaser, but that is what we love about him, you know your never safe when Ted is close by. Jen is from St. George and has been such a fun Sister in law. They have 4 kids, one girl and 3 boys whom Parley totally loves.

Justin and Emily Brown- Emily is my other sister, who i also totally look up to. She is an amazing mom, a perfect example to me of motherhood. Justin is currently serving as Stake President, and is doing an amazing job. He is an orthodontist in Farmington and is really good at it ( I know because i use to work for him). They have 4 beautiful girls who are so talented and can sing and dance like you wouldn't believe. WE love you browns!

Doug and Katie Anderson- Doug is the brother just above me, so we spent a lot of time growing up together, i rolled his 4 runner while he was on his mission and he still loves me! Katie is such a great sister in law and is always so helpful! They live just a few blocks from us, so Parley gets to play with his cousins often. Doug is a very hard worker, i have always thought this about him. He use to always leave me little notes, thanks doug for being a big brother! They have 3 little boys who are all boy! into balls and bugs (actually any kind of critter). They have such fun personalities. We love you guys!

My wonderful Husband! Travis is so amazing! love ya babe!