Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls Trip...

 This last weekend we headed down south for a little Girls getaway, it was awesome! It was seriously so fun to just get aways for a couple of days without the kids (something I have never done with just the girls), it was so relaxing, we went for walks, played a little tennis, Shopped til we dropped, went out to eat, watched movies, stayed up late talking (like 2:30 am, haven't done that forever) even went to vegas one day and enjoyed a sacrament meeting without kids... It was all very Fabulous!! Hope we can make it a tradition. Thanks Heidi for the fun place to stay and to the rest of you thanks for making it so fun, I really haven't laughed that hard in a really long time!

 Yummy dinner at Pizza Factory...

 We headed to vegas for some shopping and lunch at Cheesecake factory! by the way it was awesome weather!
Heidi and Andrea had already left for church hence their absence in the picture!

And after a fun weekend with the girls I was rejuvenated and ready to get back to this...

and that is Ella in the sink giving me a crusty, she has discovered climbing and it is driving me crazy, she is on my countertop more than she isn't ! But I still love her.
Travis was amazing while I was gone! I came home to a cleaned up house even beds made and a hot dinner on the table. Thanks babe!


 We all look forward to monday nights because of family night! Our kids love it especially singing time. It has been so fun to see Ella learn all of the songs that her brothers love.The kids have all been so good at reminding us to read the BOM every night, Parley is very into it and loves to mark his scriptures, and as for me I have totally felt an increase in the spirit in our home because of it!!

just some pics...

 Brigham is loving sunbeams, he is so fun to watch in sharing time...

Love these 3...

day backwardS...

Parley had backwards day at school and loved it, he had so much fun and said they did everything backwards all day. He loved wearing his clothes like this!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surf & Swim...

For Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Shupe rent out Layton Surf and Swim and invite the whole family to come have pizza and swim, this is the 3rd year in a row we have done this and the kids love it! The Salmon's actually did it this year too so we were able to go twice but I took my old camera to the Salmon party and none of the pictures turned out so just another reason for me to love my new camera! My kids loved the water, Ella didn't ever want to get out and at one time all that was in the pool was her and her dad!

 We even got in a little raquetball..

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, we already can't wait till next year!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tae-Kwan-Do...1st Belt Promotion...

Parley has absolutely loved Taekwando, and I think he has learned quite a bit. Master Oliver teaches a lot about respect, listening and mind and body focus. It has been really entertaining for us to watch him each week and he seems to have the coordination for it. I am excited to see him progress! He had his first belt promotion last week and I can't even tell you how excited he was for this, he invited his gma and gpa and one of his friends to come, it was pretty special for him. He even broke a real board which was by far his favorite part.

Parley and Master Oliver, this guy is so entertaining, whenever Parley tells someone about Karate, he always mentions that his teacher has long hair!

 Board Breaking!!

New Belt 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shupe Family Christmas Part ll...

K-SeriouslyI took so many pictures with my new camera and this is only half of them! Only look if you want, it is mostly for my next blog book that I can't wait to print, my 3rd one YEA!
I love how my new camera focuses on the main subject and the behind stuff is a little blurry, awesome...
So, I thought my old camera was a pretty good camera but after using this new one, I can't believe how much clearer the pictures are, I just had to throw in an example here: this first one of Ella was taken with my old camera, then I grabbed my new camera and took the same picture, pretty awesome huh? I love it!

so much clearer...

Dad and Parley enjoying the DS..

making cinnamon rolls, so yummy!

We played a few games of battleship, Trav was the master...noone could beat him..

on our way to church..

snowmobiling to church..

One of my favorite pictures with my new camera..

Ella loved having Molly dog there, even though she nipped at Ella more than once..

Ella caught red handed sneaking some treats..

Trav told me to take a picture of him doing the dishes because it doesn't happen that often :)
The owners of the Cabin, Grandma and Grandpa Shupe, They took walks every morning in the negative degrees weather, these 2 really are amazing, and I love that we get to spend so much time with them and that my kids know their great grandparents..
miss Ella throwing a fit..
playing tennis on the wii.

building forts..
then playing DS in the fort..
Just dance on the Wii, I got the best video of these guys.. gma and gpa said they were going to go right out and buy a wii when they got home :)

sledding down our huge hill..
and then snowmobiling back up to do it all again..over and over ..

Parley warming his feet up by the fire after sledding...
Grandma enjoying a good book..
for family night we had a lesson then we played, Oink piggy Oink, Parley loves it and it gets pretty funny.

Ella loved snowmobile rides..

getting pulled behind the snowmobile..

Grandpa is always there with his camera and then he goes inside and updates his family history, seriously an amazign man..

Brig couldn't get enough of eating the snow..

Snow fort built by Amy and KP..

we went night sledding one time, it was super cold and the hill was super fast, my boys were flying, it actually made me a little nervous, but they would just crash into the bushes or gpa would stop them. they loved it, checkout Brig's face here..
Parley was always going too fast I couldn't ever get his picture.. and he would laugh his head off the whole way down, it was so cute..
Brig again..

The beautiful cabin..
One whole day we worked on a puzzle, 1000 piecer, it was awesome...

Brig fell asleep one night eatign dinner, so cute..

baking with Grandma, Ella loves to help i the kitchen, and loved this new little apron that gma gave her for christmas, she put it right to use..

just proof of how cold it was...
playing games after the kids have gone to bed..

this was a nightly routine, the boys would haul the wood in and they would put on whatever shoes were right there and they would do the wood handoff..

more proof of how cold it really got...yes that is the negatives..

this is the door knob on the inside of the cabin, yes that is ice...

this is also on the inside of the cabin, it was super cold...

loading up the wood box..

Parley was  good little helper..
breaking off some icecicles..
Our beautiful view from the cabin windows, it reallywas a winter wonderland..
New years Eve... I made everyone stay awake except for Ella and there really was no complaints. We played bunco for a couple of hours, then the limbo to welcome in the new year. Thanks shupes for staying awake with me this year!

we had to do our own countdown because we had no tv to watch the ball drop..

Then we kissed...

and danced..

The morning we went home it was beautiful but so cold!!

It really was the PEFECT Christmas vacation! Can't wait for 2016 when we get to do it again!!