Monday, February 25, 2008

"Called to Serve again...."

A few posts back I mentioned that My mom and dad had received their mission call to serve in Africa. Well things have changed, let me just give a brief update.
About 3 weeks after receiving their call they received a phone call from Elder Robert D. Hales secretary asking them if they could meet with him, they went and met with him and he issued them a preliminary call to serve as Mission Presidents. They then received a call from Pres. Eyrings secretary and scheduled an appt to meet with him. So on Monday Jan. 28 (the day after our sweet prophet pres. hinkley passed away)they met with Pres. Eyring and he then extended them the actual call to serve as mission presidents. Mom and Dad of course accepted. They later told us that Pres. Eyring was very emotional that day obviously because of the passing of the prophet. anyways they weren't able to tell any of us until after they spoke with pres. eyring, so we all were still thinking they were going to africa. They put together a little family night and told us all about their new assignment. I was so excited but then remembered that now they will be gone for 3 years instead of 18 months. I will survive though and i now that this is where they are supposed to be know matter how bad i will miss them. Anyways they left on a cruise to australia 2 weeks ago and are not coming home until next monday, but their call came on saturday, Dad happened to call that day and told emily to open it. So over the phone we told them where they will be spending the next 3 years, they only had 2 minutes to talk so we didn't get to hear much of their reaction but i was able to talk to them today and they are thrilled and feel totally at peace with it. They have been called to be mission Presidents over the San Pablo Philippines mission. I am so excited for them, i have to be honest though, ithink we were all a little shocked, i was hoping for somewhere a little closer, but i know now that this is a call from the Lord, and that they will fit in perfect with the philippinos. What a blessing. I can't wait to go visit them, hopefully!! Thanks mom and dad for your example. We can't wait to hear about all your amazing experiences you will be having.

Reading the call!!

Checking out their mission web site.

"With One Voice"...

I had my first big enrichment activity since i have been enrichment leader and it was a lot of fun, a lot of work but a lot of fun! It was actually a stake enrichment meeting and they put our ward in charge of the service project, so we ended up getting enough fabric and batting that was mostly donated for 20 quilts, amazing huh! it was awesome, we ended up getting 8 of the 20 quilts tied on saturday and so now we have 12 more that need to get done. We also personalized 100 bags for the childrens justice center here in farmington. The quilts are going to the Safe Harbor womens crisis center, they are to be bed spreads for the beds there, so they wanted them to match. I feel so relieved to have this done and now i am looking forward to our relief society birthday party on March 6th. anyways i loved doing this, i love the spirit that comes when serving, what a blessing it was to me to be able to be apart of this. They had a little program too where they talked about how us as women are all one voice and how we all need to stand together, anyways it was an uplifting day for me and wanted to share. Thanks to Travis for watching the boys all night friday night while we set up and then again all day saturday, your the best babe! and thanks to all the leaders that i was able to work with on this, i had a lot of fun getting to know them better and working with them.

Quilting, quilting and more quilting!!

Working on the bags and some of them finished.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tub time!!

Brigham loves his tub, but i haven't been giving him baths every day because he has really dry skin and the tub always seems to make it a little worse, so when he does get to bathe he loves it. last night trav was bathing him and he was laughing so hard, so i got some of it on video. So here is our little brig. sorry for the nakedness.

Salt dough...

I remember my mom always making us salt dough. So I decided to make some for Parley today. He loved it. He didn't really love the feel of it at first and of course he had to taste it, because it just looks so good to eat. But once he got the hang of it, he really enjoyed it at least for 15 minutes or so and then he was on to something else. anyways it was fun playing with my little parley. He has got quite the imagination lately. i love this kid.

He wanted me to make every kind of ball you can think of. He is all boy!!

Now he is hauling his dough around the house in this bag, he won't let it out of his sight. How funny!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Hangin out....

Watching TV

parley thinks he is supposed to sit in the baby's chair all the time, but he is a little too big.

I love these 3 boys so much, What would i ever do without them??

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy "LOVE" day

I love Valentines day, what a great day to celebrate LOVE with the ones we love most. We had a great day, it was pretty low key, but sometimes those are the best ones. We stayed home for dinner, i made Olive Gardens fettucine alfredo, with some asparagus, breadsticks and red jello for Parley. It ended up being pretty good. Then we gave our Valentines to the boys, Parley got a new train and pez (his favorite). Brigham got a book and those fresh food feeders, where you stick something in this netting and they can suck the juice out, we tried an ice cube last night and he loved it, if only he can figure out how to hold it in his mouth now. Travis brought me home a dozen beautiful pink roses, Thanks babe, your the best. Now we are going out tonight, can you believe it, i get another date night, yahoo!! (thanks em for watching the boys). Hope everyones valentines was great like ours.

Brigham with his new toy!

Who thinks they look alike?

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well i have been tagged again by heidi o., so here it goes.

Ten years ago I was......
Living life as a junior in High School, doing all those fun things that High schoolers do such as... go to bball games and stomps, attend all the fun dances, have sleepovers with the gina's, date, stay up and talk about boys ( i am wondering if teenagers do stuff like this anymore, or if they are too busy texting :)). i was also playing some bball for the viewmont vikings, go lady vikes!! i was driving the red/orange beamer that only had a casette player, so i had some homeade casettes. man was i from the olden days or what, that doesn't even seem that long ago, but wow, how times have changed. oh and in themidst of all of this i would sometimes do school work. My junior year i actually had a humanities class with heidi o and travis was in it too, who would have thought i would have married him. i am so glad i did!!

5 things on my to do list today...
Well, Today is my cleaning and laundry day, can that count as five things!! i do have to take mom and dad to the airport at 4:30 for their cruise to australia. make dinner for my family. And have FHE!! i love mondays for that very reason.

Snacks that I enjoy....
I am a total snacker and will eat anything laying around. But if i have to pick my favorites they would be..... popscicles, choc.covered pretzels, chocolate, i love keva juices, almond roca, any kind of fruit, really just about anything.

If i were suddenly a billionaire....
I would buy a house in kauai, shopped til i dropped and eat at expensive restuarants, ruths chris!!. and help with a church fund, either perpetual, temple building or any of those.

3 of my bad habits are....
Shopping, shopping and more shopping!! I love to spend money, and thats not the best thing when you don't have it to spend. Snacking after 8, i always try to not do this because i know its not good for me, but i always find myself doing it. putting away my blow dryer and straightener when i am done with them, it drives travis crazy.

5 places i have lived....
Farmington, utah. Logan, utah. nauvoo, illinois. Bountiful, Utah. Princeville, kauai, hawaii.

5 jobs i have had...
Cavanaughs chocolates. Shupe Electric ( you actually can't be a daughter in law unless you have had this job, all 3 of us have experienced it). Dr. Brown Orthodontics. Dishwasher at byu nauvoo. and my favorite, being a mom!

5 Things people don't know about me....
i have done invitro twice with no succes either time, and then got pregnant twice all on our own. i love to water ski. i love to Shop (wait have i already said that,jk)but i am still using it as one of my 5. I love to have a tan, i always feel so much better when i am tan. Who doesn't right? i know you guys probably already know all of things about me, but i guess i am just an open book, because i don't have any secrets.

i want to tag Heather (because you haven't updated forever), joni, melissa and hayley oh and Emily C. (because i know yours will be funny and entertaining)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Garbage day...

Friday is our Garbage day, and the Garbage man usually doesn't come until later in the morning. So this morning i was taking my sweet little time getting my garbage out. But about 10:30 i hear the truck coming down the street. Let me just paint you a picture of what i was wearing or not wearing. I had on yellow sweat shorts, white t-shirt, no bra, so i threw on the first coat i see, a big green one and threw on the nearest pair of shoes, big suede boots and out i go to get the garbage to the street. I wonder if any of my neighbors saw me, because i am sure it was a sight. anyways i have the garbage about 4 feet from the street and the garbage man drives right past me, i was dying, he totally saw me and i know he was laughing inside. so i just stood there while he dumped my neighbors cans and then i think the guilt got to him because he put it in reverse and came and got my can. It was a little embarassing. i wish i would have taken a picture of myself because i would have loved to of seen what i looked like.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brigham- 5 months old today!!

Happy 5 month Birthday Brigham!! You are the happiest little boy. you always have a smile for anybody. You love to suck on things, whatever you can get your hands on, like your blankets, or your toys, or your shirt sleeve, whatever it may be. You are rolling over all the time now and sometimes it frustrates you because you can't figure out how to get back on your back yet. You are sleeping pretty good at night, on the nights that you sleep really good, I tell your dad that you slept good and he says thats because i prayed really hard so i tell him why don't you pray like that every night. We just love having you in our family and can't believe how big you are getting. you had your first hair cut last week and now everybody is telling me you look like your brother. Speaking of your brother, he loves you so much, he lays on you and wrestles you and kisses you and steals your binky. You put up with a lot from him, but you always smile when he is doing those things, so i know that you love him too. We love you Baby Brigham!!

Notice the wet shirt, he is a major drooler!

first haircut! he kept turning his head to see where the noise was coming from.

the finished product.

Mom and Brigham!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Today is my dad's birthday, he usually spends his birthdays in st. george so that he can go golfing, but this one he is actually home for (thats because they are going on a cruise to australia in a week, lucky!!) Anyways my dad is amazing! he has always been so supportive of me. I have never once doubted his love that he has for me or any of my brothers and sisters and for our kids. Parley and Brigham absolutely love him too, they both just light up whenever they see pampa, he can always make them laugh! He is such a good example to them and to me, for example, he celebrated his birthday this morning by attending the temple and then going to the viewing of Pres. Hinkley.What a great thing to do on your birthday! Thanks dad for being the best! we love you!! We are sure going to miss you when you are serving your mission. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Date Night!!

Yea, it is Friday and most of us know friday as date night. Well, we actually haven't participated in date night for quite some time, at least not without the kids. So last night, Travis came home from work and said "pump a bottle, were going out tomorrow"! i was so surprised, he found the baby sitter and everything all on his own. i am so excited to go out. i think we are going to dinner and a movie, simple, but what could be better than spending a few hours with my best friend, just the 2 of us. i have been looking forward to this all day. Yea!!