Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...

Our family made this "Thankful Turkey" for family night a couple of weeks ago and we have been adding thankful feathers every night. Here is a few things that our family is thankful for this year:

Blanket, Binky, Bed, Temples, Dad, Grandpa's and Grandmas, Toys, Scriptures, good health, That our house doesn't start on fire, skeleton jammies, House, work, Atonement, Pizza, a nice clean kitchen, my beautiful wife of 7 years, clothes, the Prophet, Family, Gospel, Food, a Hard working Husband, a Good job, Ella, Mom, Gerber puffs, Jesus and Books...

We hope everyones Thanksgiving is full of laughter, good food, traditions and remembering so much that we have to be grateful for!!

And this is what Parley looked like the other day when he got home from school. So cute!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Projects finished...

So I finally finished a few little projects around the house...

First Ella's nursery...There are still a few things i want to add like some curtains but for the most part it is all done and it was all for this sweet thing...

K- the pink wall looks really bright in these pictures, its not that bright in real life :)

Next, I would love to have some lockers or something in my laundry room but we just don't have the space for it, so this is what I came up with, I love how it turned out and it is serving its purpose perfectly.. I had a cousin in law make this bench and we painted it this mustardy color and hung some hooks and chalkboards and walaa! I now have a place for all of our shoes and a place for jackets and back packs, i love it!

And finally after 6 years of being in this house we finally hung some family pictures and my wonderful husband did an art light on all of them for me. i love him!

This one is in the boys room.

I still have a few more projects But they will have to wait until after the Holidays!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Because...

It has been a week since my last post so here is an update!! We really haven't been doing much. We are all healthy again , Parley is enjoying school and is learning a lot, it is so fun to see him get excited about things that he is learning. He loved the first little snowfall we got last weekend and wanted to play in it and make footprints. He loves holding Ella and for the most part is playing the part as Big Brother pretty well!
Brigham is just loving life, he would prefer to eat than do anything else and i really don't know where he puts it, He loves any kind of snacks and yes still has his binky and his blanket! He loves nursery and his nursery leader loves him, he is always so proud when he comes out of nursery with his picture he drew in hand and Ella is always the first to hear about what he did in nursery,I love to watch my kids interact.
Ella is still on the verge of crawling, she goes backwards but hasn't quite figured out how to go frontwards. She loves her little puff snacks and devours them when they are placed in front of her, She sort of likes her food but definitely prefers whatever we are eating, she is almost 9 months and i can't believe it.

I am loving being a mom, Some days are definitely better than others and sometimes at night I wonder what I got done that day. But my wonderful friend who has 2 boys about the same ages as Parley and Brigham called and asked if P and B could come and play this morning and it was so nice, i dedicated those 2 hours to cleaning my house and I got most of it done, it wasn't a deep clean but those aren't happening anymore anyways. Thanks Elisha for letting the boys play, they had a blast!

I had a "Relief Society Meeting"(enrichment) last week, it turned out really nice, we had a traditions night, It was really fun and very well attended something i am always praying for as the "Relief society meeting coordinator".

I was able to go the SL Temple last friday because my niece received her endowments, i loved it and it was so nice to be with most of my family in the temple, we enjoyed a very yummy dinner afterwards at Little America, thanks wagstaff's for the fun night!
I love this time of year, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and of course Christmas, We have already been listening to christmas music, Parley's favorite is Jingle Bells and Brig's fave is Carol of the bells. I love that my kids love the holidays too! Here is a few pics of nothing really but thats because we haven't really been doing anything.

We seriously can't get enough of miss Ella Sue!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A bridal shower...

My niece Brooke is getting married! It is so weird that i have a niece getting married, it is so exciting but at the same time a little sad because my Mom and Dad don't get to be here for their first grandchilds wedding, anyways, Brooke is the most amazing girl! She is marrying her childhood crush and he is such a great guy, we are so happy for her and CJ! We were able to celebrate yesterday in a little shower that we threw for brooke, we had a great time being with family and meeting Brooke's new family, What an exciting time and we are looking forward to the festivities ahead, I am sure it will be quite a wedding because Brooke's mom (my sister) is amazing and never goes half way!! We love you Brooke, thanks for your amazing example to us, Travis has always said that whoever gets to marry Brooke is the Luckiest guy ever (next to him of course :) But its true, Brooke will be an amazing wife and mom! We love you Brooke! Best wishes in what lies ahead!
(Mom, You were missed, we all shed a little tear for you!)

Ella is getting so close to crawling, i had to take a picture of her on all 4's!

And this is what I came home to, oh so sweet!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day of Offering...

We have Stake Conference coming up this weekend and every year our stake does a temple day where they call it The Day of Offering where they ask us to sacrifice our day and spend as much time at the temple as we can. Today was that day and Travis and I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the temple for 5 hours and to participate in 3 different ordinances, It was so awesome to be there and to be reminded of so many things. It was a wonderful experience for me and it was very much needed, thank you to my wonderful mom-in-law who came and spent the night here last night so that we could leave at 5:30 am, she also spent the morning with our kids so i am grateful for her sacrifice so that we could be at the temple! I was even able to go to lunch with my wonderful husband, something we don't get to do very often! (and might I recommend a delicious place for lunch, Cal's Deli just west of the freeway in bountiful, very Yummy!!) What a great day!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and the H1N1....

Our Halloween was very eventful, we were looking forward to doing all the fun Halloween traditions, carving pumpkins,visiting grandparents, and of course trick or treating, but all that went out the window as Parley woke up halloween morning with a fever of 104 and throwing up. I thought oh its just a little flu bug, a little motrin and he should be back to good, well after a 3 hour nap halloween morning i went into check his temperature and I watched as the numbers kept going up and up, once it got to 105 with no sign of stopping i gave him some more motrin and put him in the car and we were off to Instacare, I called on my way and of course there was a 2hour wait, I called my doctor at home on a saturday and he advised us to go to Primarys, so off i went on the back roads of course because the freeway happened to be closed. We made it to primarys, Parley still had a fever of 104 and was very sleepy and lethargic, I hated seeing him like this, it was awful. After being there for an hour or so they sent us home with a prescription for tamiflu, They apparently don't test for the swine flu anymore because the test wasn't accurate, so if you are showing symptoms than they will treat you. Parley had all the symptoms and now 4 days later all 3 of my kids are on tamiflu, but we haven't seen a fever for 2 days on anyone which is a great sign, so Don't be afraid of us, I think we are pretty much completely swine flu free!! Now the kids all have a little cough, but they shouldn't be contagious anymore! Needless to say our Halloween was a downer,Parley felt so bad about trick or treating it was ripping my heart out, so we let him go in our culdesac at 5:30 so there were no kids out yet. they had fun trick or treating for 15 minutes and Ella of course was not a fan of her costume but did wear it for me for about 10 minutes and was thrilled when i took it off of her. Definitely a Halloween to remember! Hope everyone else's was a little better than ours.

Our little Peter Pan that really wasn't feeling great and the face shows it!

And this is what Parley did for 2 days! poor kid!