Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Days...

We haven't been doing too much but we are really looking forward to a trip to the cabin in about a week!
Here is a few pictures of just hangin out!

Ella and Brig enjoying some yogurt!
enjoying some backyard swimming..

I love these 3 crazies, it has been a fun summer enjoying each of their different personalities, It has been busy as they are all still very demanding of me and dependant on me, I am grateful for that but somedays it can be pretty exhausting. Nap time is a glorious time even though Brig's naps are few and far between these days. I can't believe summer is in its last month it has flown by.  We are all looking foward to a trip to the cabin and a little bit cooler weather. It is my favorite trip and I think its Parley's too, he has been asking me a lot how many more days till the cabin?!  Happy August!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big 5 0...

Travis's Mom turned 50 last week and we celebrated at the lake, it was such a beautiful day and so fun to be up there with family, I hope we see a little more of the lake this summer. Heidi is such an awesome mom and grandma, our kids absolutely adore her and so do I, hope you had a great day Heidi, We love you!!

Heidi is an awesome tennis amazing grandma...Water skiing at 50...My kids love her..I think Ella enjoyed the cake the most..she was in heaven...
Surfs up!!
had a yummy BBQ...Swam in the lake..Brigham wouldn't go on the tube with any of us except KP and Amy, he loves his new uncle to be, just as I was putting these pictures on my computer he came in and saw a picture of Kyle and said, "Look mom, my friend". Ella loves the water, she even went on some tube rides and loved it..
Brig on the other hand doesn't like it so much..Parley held the boat for us for a little bit while we were unloading the boat, he is going to be a great helper one day!!
And this is what Heidi woke up to in her yard, she is 50 and she is Fabulous. Happy Birthday Heidi..(I stole the pic from your blog heather)