Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 under 3....

So i am sure most of you have heard the rumor. And yes it is true, i am pregnant!i am 14 weeks along and have been feeling ok, i have my sick times but i can't complain because i seem to have pretty good pregnancies (knock on wood). The baby is due March 20, 2 days before Parley turns 3!! I am so nervous and excited. I am nervous because i don't know how i am going to handle 3 because right now i am barely making it with 2, and my mom's not here! But i have wonderful sisters and an amazing mother -in law that will help me a ton! We didn't try for this one, but we will take them when we can get them! We tried for 3 years to get Parley and now i totally know that everything is in the Lord's timing. We feel very blessed to be welcoming a 3rd into our home! i will now officially be a stay at home mom, because i don't think i will dare leave my house!! Wow!! Is everybody Shocked??

Play Group...

My friends have a play group once a month, it is so fun because most of the kids are all the same age and it is so fun to see my friends from high school that i just don't get to see that much anymore. This month was at Melissa's house, she was 9 months pregnant and still had a clean house and yummy lunch, and then had the baby like a day later. Congrats Melissa! Can't wait for next month!
all the kids
Bentley, Macie, Parley, Chloe, McKayla

Macie and Parley cuddling on the lov sac, these guys have so much fun together.

Train Park...

The S & S train park is just down the street from us and they are actually in our ward and the lady was telling me that Saturday was their last day for the year to be opened. So we called Charlie and Heather and off we went to ride the trains, The boys loved it. They couldn't believe all the train stuff. i didn't even get a picture of them on the main train ride because we were all on it and of course when i tried taking their picture when we were done, it was impossible.
They kept saying that this was Thomas's house.
Parley loved these little hand cart trains that he did all by himself.
They couldn't believe all the trains.

Date Night....

Travis and I went to the Colors concert Saturday night at the Sandy Amphitheatre. Travis wasn't totally excited about the concert but was a good sport and even sang along to some of the songs, jokingly i am sure! we went with our good friends the openshaw's. The concert was really fun, a little cold but we still had a great time! Thanks to the Wagstaff's for watching the boys, so that we could go.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another one for gma and gpa...

For Grandma and Grandpa Anderson....

Happy Birthday Baby Brigham!!

It's true, my baby turned 1! i can't believe it, Parley seemed so big when he turned 1 and Brigham just still seems so small, He is little though actually, We went to the Doctor today for his 1 year visit,the stats: Weight 18 pounds 1 oz 2%, Height 29 inches 25 %, head 65%! So he is still my skinny little boy with a big head! The doctor says he is healthy though, so that is always great news!We had a fun barnyard bash birthday for him, with most of the Shupe's, He was a great bday boy, he didn't dig into the cake as much as Parley did, but then again, Brigham is much more mellow than Parley,thank heavens for that! I attempted a cow cake and cupcakes, and we had a yummy dinner, chicken, Mashed potatoes and Jello (Brig's favorites), rolls and salad! Thanks everyone for coming and supporting our little brigham! We missed you Mom and Dad,thanks for the Bday phone call all the way from the phillippines, brig loved it!

Some of Brigham's favorite things are:
The toilets and toilet paper, playing with Parley, wrestling with his dad, swinging, taking a bath or shower,talking to gma and gpa on skype, yogurt drinks,4 wheeler rides,his new bday toys,singing songs,especially if you happy and you know it,giving mom kisses!
Favorite words to say: Wow, Uh-oh, mama (when he is sad), dada (when he is happy)and he just barely started folding his arms, all that praying really pays off!
We love you Brigham, happy birthday

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stanley Idaho

For Labor day we went to the Shupe's cabin in Stanley Idaho. It is beautiful up there. We had so much fun, riding 4wheelers, fishing, eating great food, enjoying the colder weather (it even snowed, and i must admit it got me a little excited for christmas), and just loving being together.Brigham didn't sleep the best, but since we have been home he has been sleeping better than ever. We were able to attend church up there, and it is my favorite part of the whole trip, because you should see the view from the chapel, it is actually a community church where lots of religions worship but there is an incredible view just behind the speakers of the Sawtooth Mountains, it is awesome. Parley's favorite thing to do all trip was throw rocks in the river or lake or any other body of water. He could have done it all day!What a great trip, Thanks Shupes! Sorry there are a lot of Pictures!!