Monday, July 28, 2008

FHE and missionary night....

So since Mom and Dad left, and their house was alwasy the gathering house for my family,we decided to do family night together once a month. And for the first of them we are going to have missionary nights, where my brothers will talk about their missions and the experiences. Jason hosted the first one, He served his mission in the Fiji Islands and had lots of crazy experiences. The tables were decorated fijian style and Jason and Heidi dressed up in the local attire, sulas and an Indian outfit for heidi. It was a great night with great food and good stories. Thanks jason for sharing your testimony and the importance of missions. WE can't wait to hear about Ted's mission (or vacation) to Cali next month :)!

Happy Birthday Heidi.....(2 weeks late)

It was my Mom in laws birthday 2 weeks ago and i just wanted to give a little shout out! She is so amazing. She has always been so good to me, i feel like i can go to her just like i would my own mom, which is awesome especially now since my mom is gone for a while. I remember one time in particular when i wasn't feeling good shortly after brigham was born and Travis had scouts that night, so heidi came over and took care of me and the boys for the night. I think she even had something that night but dropped it for me, she is the best. Thanks Heidi for being so wonderful to me. i love you! Hope you had a good birthday. She chose to take their new Rhino up the bountiful mountains and go for a ride, the boys loved it and i think all the big boys and girls did too. Then we had a classic dinner at Pace's, it was great!

She is also such an amazing Grandma, they love her so much.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wagstaff Ranch and the 4th...

We went to the Wagstaff's Ranch in Wyoming over the 4th, it was such a nice vacation, It was short but very nice. Parley loved being outside, he had mosquito bites all over his head. poor kid. He loved the 4 wheelers and so did Brig. we had such a great time, delicious food and fun memories. Thanks Wagstaff's for letting us tag along. WE loved it!
Me and Brig, look how beautiful it was up there. i love the mountains.

Cowgirl Abby.
Brigham loved being outside.
Travis, James and Judd shot this Badger the last day we were there. Quite the hunters.
Our little family in the beautiful mountains.
This is my oldest niece Brooke, she is amazing, she is so good with the kids and is always such a big help.
Lilly and Parley having hot dogs.
Enjoying our hot dogs after the Weinie roast.
Our little Cowboy. Every now and then we would see Brig crawling around with this hat on, i think whenever anybody walked by him they would put it on him and he would just leave it there.
We went into Pinedale and watched the fireworks, it was actually a pretty good show. Parley was a little scared this year, but brigham loved them.
Lilly and Parley having lunch.
Parley loved the 4wheelers and would go with anyone that was willing to take him. Thanks abby and Little T.

Lilly and Travis
Little Trav and Parley all smiles.
Trav installed a new Tv up there.
Just taking a rest!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Fun....

This Summer has been great, i can't believe how fast it has gone by. It seems like just yesterday it was freezing cold! We have had a lot of fun, swimming, getting together with friends, and cousins, vacationing, parades, gateway waterfountains,cherry hill, lots and lots of popscicles etc. etc. and much more to look forward to.

More Goodbyes...

This has taken me forever to post, but i had to do it. These are pics of mom and dad leaving for the airport, the last goodbye for my boys for 3 years, Travis and I are hoping to get over there to see them sometime, but we won't be taking the boys. So this is the last good bye. As they were driving out Parley was waving his little heart out and yelling bye grandpa bye grandma. it was heart wrenching, and you could see the tears well up in my dads eyes. I don't think my boys really understand but whenever you ask Parley where Grandma and Grandpa are he tells you on a mission, far away big airplane, 3 years to the ppines. He has it down. It is the cutest thing, and Brig for sure doesn't know whats going on but he always gets a big grin whenever i show him their picture.

Travis and Doug had Camp Helamen and they came home to say goodbye too, they looked they were taking off for a mission as well.