Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parley and Grandpa Hatch...

My Grandpa Hatch was such an amazing man. He lived a very faithful and honorable life. He wasn't totally with it the last few years of his life and his health wasn't the greatest, so after my grandma died we had the opportunity of taking care of grandpa in our home for 2 weeks at a time. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and although he rarely spoke or communicated much, i feel like i was able to get to know him so well. I had many opportunities of "babysitting" my grandpa and i loved every minute of it, we had a special bond. There was a game i use to play with him or you could call it teasing him, He liked things in order and he always would line everything up on the kitchen counter, i would walk by and disorganize it and he would come back and put it in order again. We would do this all day throughout the day. It was teasing him, yes, but it also gave him something to do. Well my dear sweet grandpa hatch has passed this trait on to my little Parley. he loves to line things up and if anything gets out of place it makes him quite upset and he can't settle down again until it is back in place. Everytime parley has me come see whatever it is he has lined up i have a little moment where i think about my grandpa. I loved him so much and miss him a lot. But i had to share this because i always want to remember how Parley has a little bit of grandpa Hatch in him! Grandpa Hatch passed away 9 years ago.

The Otten's from Hawaii...

Megan and her 3 darling children!
My best friend from Hawaii was in town for the Holidays so i drove out to Spanish Fork to say Hello! It was so great talking to her and seeing her kids and how big they have gotten. It made me miss hawaii and all of our ohana there. She kept me updated on our old branch. It was so fun to see you megan, hopefully next time i see you it will be on the beautiful island of Kauai!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Years!!

The Anderson family has a new years eve party every year, it has been a tradition ever since, well, forever. But it was always at Mom and Dad's house, This was our first year without their house and without them, so i think we were all a little worried about the tradition being carried on, but carried on it was! The Brown's were brave enough to host the big party this year and it turned out to be a great one. Although we did miss mom and dad, they called from skype shortly after midnight and were able to join in on the big celebration!
We played our traditional bunco, had our 2nd annual couple karoake contest, played rock band, ate about 4 times throughout the night, and honestly i was surprised about how fast the hours passed, we ran out of time! We of course welcomed the new year with Neil Diamond blaring "We're coming to America", did the limbo and popped the little poppers! it was great! Parley downed about 4 glasses of Sparkling cider all the while screaming Happy new Year! Brigham and Parley loved every minute of it, they both stayed up til 1:30am. We had a great time, Thanks browns for hosting, you were great!Happy 2009!!

Brigham with a couple of his cute girl cousins!

Talking to mom and dad on skype!

P and brig dancing!

Parley doing the Limbo!

Parley and Brigham enjoying one of many snacks throughout the night.

The kids having a 10:00 snack.
Rock band, check Ted out, He was hilarious singing all the songs, he really gets into it. and we all decided that he needs to be in a band!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas...

So you know those commercials or tv shows when a husband gets a car for his wife for christmas, and you always think to yourself, "who actually does that"? Well mine did!!! Travis totally surprised me with a new Chevy Tahoe Christmas morning. I still am not sure how he pulled it off without me knowing, but he did and i was in total shock! We had been looking for a new car for the last month or so, nothing serious but had been thinking about it. WE test drove a few mini vans. Let me first tell you the reason we were looking for a new car. about 2 months ago i was driving up to layton hills mall with my 2 boys in my jeep commander, as i exited the freeway and was turning right the whole tire on my car came off, the ball and joint fell off or something like that. i was terrified. i was in this busy intersection and my car wouldn't even budge. i called travis crying and he of course asked the first question if we were all alright? That was the final straw for him with the jeep commander, he hasn't really liked the car since we bought it last january, it has been in the shop about 6 times since than as well. Anyways they towed it away and we immediately put it up for sale. The dealership than tells us that our extended warranty that we payed so much money for when we bought the car didn't cover any of the repairs, as you can imagine, Travis was ticked!! but first it took them about a month to find this all out. so i was without my car for a month, nice huh? Anyways to make a long story short, we paid for the repairs and brought it home, i was a little nervous to drive it again, but i did and i thought that was the end of it until we would be able to sell it and then we could start looking for a new car, because we really wanted to get something a little bit bigger before the baby gets here in march. Then Christmas Morning i wake up to this...

I couldn't believe it, i still can't!! But i am totally enjoying it and the fact that i feel much safer in it than i did in the jeep! It was exactly the car that we had in mind but we weren't really having any luck finding it. We wanted the bucket seats in the middle so that Parley can crawl in the back without having to put down seats, and it has that, it has everything i could hope for and more!! What an awesome surprise! he had put the keys in my stocking and we got the whole thing on film, we both shed a few tears! He had given me 2 gifts before i opened my stocking, a set of jumper cables and a snow scraper, i still didn't get it! He was so sneaky!!
the best part about this whole thing is that Christmas night we had someone call us that was interested in looking at our jeep, We sold it the next day to them! What a blessing!! As you can see we had an awesome christmas!

the boys also had a fun christmas! We woke up around 7:30 ish and woke the boys up, We said a family prayer then let them loose on their new toys! they loved it!!
Here is some pictures of our family parties and christmas day! WE hope everyone had a great christmas!
We went bowling for the salmon christmas party this year, it was great, the boys loved it.

We had a family night a few days before christmas and we did the nativity.

2 of our wisemen.

Christmas eve and the new jammies!
This was our first christmas that we have slept at home and done our own thing in the morning, it was very fun!! we went to the shupes for breakfast around 9:30.
Brigham was stilla little tired and just wanted to cuddle with anyone that would.
Brig with his loot!
Parley couldn't believe santa could build a castle with his new blocks!
Brig got a new 4 wheeler, that he loves!
Merry christmas everyone, i will post the annual anderson new years party later!!