Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st year of Preschool graduation...

I guess I can't really call it graduation since he will attend another year of preschool next year, But Parley had his little graduation program today and it was so sweet. His teachers are so great and you can tell they just love the kids. They had each child walk out individually with one of the teachers while the other teacher told about the child, it was so cute. Then the kids sang the cutest songs. It was really sweet, I even cried a little! Parley loved preschool and is already looking forward to next year. He learned so much and is so careful in his work, the teachers even mentioned that today. I am so proud of little Parley and hope that he can continue to work on his letters and numbers and everything else he has learned this year, so that he doesn't forget them all summer!

He loved going to school with his cousin Boston.

Walking down the aisle with his teacher!

His teachers gave each of the kids a little scrapbook of all the activities they did all school year. It is so cute and something Parley will totally love, he has already looked at it a hundred times.

We can't wait till next year...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fathers and Sons..

Travis and the boys had fathers and sons this last weekend, This was Brig's first time going and Trav said he did great! They all had a great time. Travis bought the boys their very own flashlights and they thought was pretty cool, trav said they ran the batteries down twice.

When they got home Brigham told me that he left his blue binky in the mountains. I didn't know that this was going to happen and wasn't quite sure if I was ready for this to happen, but happen it did and now brig has gone 2 nights without his binky, He was asking for it last night so we told him that the mama bear found it and gave it to the baby bear, he thought that was pretty cool and he has been ok ever since. Except yesterday he wouldn't take a nap without it,so about 4 oclock this is how I found Brig! It is so hard to have my kids grow up!!


The kids have been enjoying popscicles lately, especially little Ella, she loves them!

Oh and little miss Ella is finally walking!! It is about the cutest walk I have ever seen too, I will post a video later!

Miss Curious...

It seems like everytime I walk into a room Ella is getting into something new, I always find her little head into some cupboard or the toilet, or anything. I am glad her mind is so curious even if it does mean cleaning out the cupboards. We just love this girl!!

She loves to hide things in this little cupboard and is always so proud of herself when she finds it.

I love how her whole little body is stretched to get into this cupboard.
this is one of her favorite cupboards and I often will here the printer going and I know that Ella is in that cupboard pushing the buttons.
The phone is definitely her favorite and she always acts like she is talking toher dad.
She always trying to figure out the boys toys.
She is trying to get into the keyboard and trying to see what is on the computer.
We love this little curious mind..

Zoo Day...

Parley had Zoo day at preschool, It wasn't the warmest day but it turned out to be pretty nice. I took Brig along and we left Ella home with Gma Shupe (Thanks Heidi). It was a fun day. Parley has loved Pre school and I think he is kind of sad that he only has 2 more days left. He has learned so much and is getting to be a pro at writing his letters, he writes me notes all the time. He loves to color and stays in the lines so good, the little 7 year old neighbor girl was over the other day and she said,"Parley colors better than I do"! He really does concentrate so hard. He is so good at doing puzzles even the 100 piecers, I don't ever have to help him. He loves to do anything that requires a little building and thinking, but he will get frusturated if it doesn't fit just right! I love this little boy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day!! I have so many wonderful examples around me of wonderful mothers, I love you all!! Of course I missed my own mom this mother's day who is still on her mission for 14 more months, but I thought of her all day. I love you mom! My mother-in-law is so amazing, and I feel so blessed to have married into such a great family! I love being a mother, more often than not I think of how crazy and chaotic my days are chasing these 3 little ones around, but the awesome moments outweigh the not so awesome moments! I wouldn't change this chaotic life for anything!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Princess Pooped and a bead up the nose...

Bead up the nose...

So I have always heard of kids putting things up their noses but hadn't actually experienced it until a few days ago, Parley loves to play with those little beads that you place on a shape and then iron them down, Well he decided to place a little bead up his nose and it was up there!! I could see it but there was no way I could get it. And it was really hurting and irritating him. so i called the Dr. , we schedule an appt but it is still 2 hours away and the nurse is like just watch him and make sure he can still breathe for those 2 hours, well about 10 minutes after calling the doctor, Parley sneezes twice and the second time it came out... Wow, i am glad we didn't have to go to the Doctor for that one! I think Parley has learned his lesson, he has told his friends and brother not to stick beads up their noses.

The Princess Pooped...

Before Ella became constipated she use to poop in the tub everyday, it was almost like she was potty trained to the tub, I finally learned the stance and the look and would take her out and put a diaper on her as soon as I saw it. Well she hasn't done it for awhile because she has been constipated so I haven't been worried anymore, so the other day, I was making beds while the kids were bathing, (Parley and Brigham were playing pirates in the tub and they were pretending that Ella was the princess and needed to be saved from the bad pirates), well as I am making beds I hear ,"The Princess pooped, the Princess pooped", so I run in there and sure enought the tub has floaties all through it, I rush all 3 kids into my tub and disinfected the other one...The only upside of this is that she isn't constipated anymore!! So I am back to being on watchout everytime the princess takes a bath!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Big 29...

I had such a fun birthday yesterday! It started with my cute little boys coming in at 7:00 am and I hear them walking in my room whispering it's mom's bday, and they climb up on my stool by my bed and say Hey mom, Happy Birthday, I thought for sure Travis was still home and told them to come and tell me that, but he had already left for work and they did that all on their own! I came out to make breakfast for the kids and there was an amazing birthday letter from my amazing husband! I love him! Than Ella woke up and she has been constipated for a couple of days now, so we dealt with that all morning, poor girl! Than my wonderful Mom-in-law came here and watched my kids while I went to lunch with my sisters and sisters in law, it was so fun and something we hadn't done for a long time! I also was able to talk to my Mom on Skype for a minute which is always so fun. Than trav's sister amy came at 4:30 to watch the kids while Trav and I headed out to Gateway for dinner at Z Tejas and a little shopping, Then we came home and had dairy queen ice cream cake with Trav's family. It was such a fun day of being with my family! Thanks to everyone for making it so special for me! Especially my hubby, he is such a stud. Did I mention, I love him! I really can't believe I only have one more year of being in my 20's, I am going to enjoy it!!
Our little family! The joy of my life!

When I came home from lunch these beautiful flowers were on the counter, my husband is the best!
My neighbor gave me this little bundt cake from 'Nothing Bundt cakes" in SLC, it was delicious! seriously, I ate it up pretty quick!
Can't wait to see what 29 has in store for me!!