Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No changes, No baby yet!

Well i went to the Doctor this morning, and sad to say but there are no changes yet, i am still dialated to a 3! We will get there though. I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father is going to bless our family with another amazing miracle. We are really looking forward to his arrival, but until then i will keep you all posted.

We went to pineview a few weeks ago for family night, Parley and trav rode the tube with cousin Charlie and U. Kyle. Lets just say the 2 little boys didn't love it so much.
Parley is just learning to brush his teeth.. all he really does is eat the toothpaste off of it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I finally created a blog, hopefully i will keep up on it...

Parley loves showing his muscles.
Dad and Parley at Red Fish Lake
4th of july at the centerville park, Travis said he felt like waldo all day, he's a good sport!
My professional water skier, Travis! what a babe!
Flaming gorge
Surfs up dude!
Beautiful Sawtooth mountains, in stanley idaho, this is the view from where we go to church.

Parley driving the boat
Parley loved the mud at Lake Mead.
Travis and Parley in Las Vegas. (Not a place for babies, or adults for that matter:)
Parley relaxing and watching Elmo!
St. George with my family, it was hot but fun.

Well, we finally joined the world of blogging, Exciting isn't it! I guess i will just start with this summer, its been busy, fun and very HOT!! We went on a few vacations starting with Lake mead,to Las Vegas, then to St. George, then Flaming Gorge where we left Parley for our first time with the wagstaff's (bless their hearts). Then to Stanley Idaho to the Shupe's family cabin. They all were so fun, and it was so nice to have Travis with us, as he has been soooo busy at work. But i guess the summer has to come to an end, but thats ok with us because we have something else to look forward to. Our second edition to our family, baby boy is due any day! Yea!!