Monday, January 28, 2008

President Gordon Bitner Hinckley

I was so sad to hear the news of Pres. Hinkleys passing, i, like so many felt like i knew this wonderful man. I feel so blessed to have been apart of his ministry as Prophet of God. I will truly miss him. One of the many wonderful memories i have of him is when i was at BYU Nauvoo and us as students were able to participate in the corner stone dedication of the Nauvoo temple. He was able to attend this and i was one of the escorts that was able to escort him in on his little golf cart and i can't even tell you the spirit that overcame me as soon as he stepped foot on those sacred grounds. it was such a confirmation to me that he truly was a Prophet of God. I am so Grateful for all that he taught. I am so glad to know that he is with his sweet wife. I look forward to our new prophet Pres. Monson, he will also be amazing. What a blessing it is to be a member of this great church.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More on the move...

Sorry i had a few more pics to post.
I think Parley was feeling a little sad with the whole move too, he didn't quite know what was going on but all of his toys had been taken.

Mom and parley on the deck. all my brothers had a fun time throwing stuff off of the deck into the dump like even an air hockey table, it was quite a site.

Some of the movers taken a break.

and the basement where we played many games such as handball, football, basketball well just about anything with a ball. man i am going to miss this place.


Well we did it, we moved Mom and Dad out of their house. It held 27 years worth of stuff. It was quite the project and everyone chipped in. Travis took 4 trips to the dump with about 5000 pounds of stuff each time. Not to mention the countless trips that mom and others took to the D.I. It was a big move and I think Mom and Dad feel a little relieved to have it all done and starting fresh. They are enjoying there new house in west kaysville and i think my sister Emily is enjoying it even more because she gets them right next door, LUCKY!! The day of the move was a little sentimental to me. After we had moved everything over to the new house, everyone had left and i was the only one there with my 2 boys, i walked through the house and took pictures of every room and, then just sat in the kitchen area and cried for about 30 minutes, i had to do it, and i had to get it out. I felt better after and felt like i could face the new changes. i am a baby i know, but that is the only house i have ever known and i couldn't help but think of how my boys won't even remember the house that i grew up in. But i am so proud of mom and dad, because for one they have been a little stronger than me and they have made their new house feel like home. Now if i can just survive the next big change, the mission.
The kitchen.

The staircase that for so many years held so many christmas stockings.

The green room, mine, emily's and angie's old room.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I am a Child of God....

Sundays have been wonderful lately, except that now our church begins at 1:30, so we feed Parley lunch at about 10:30 than put him to bed until church, it is a forced nap and sometimes he goes right to sleep, other times we aren't so lucky and that makes for a long day. Yesterday he went right to sleep because i told him we couldn't go to nursery or nu nu as he calls it until he took a nap. Yes he finally loves nursery, he goes without the binky and everything. so i am one grateful mom. i just hope he continues to like it. anyways yesterday in Relief Society, we were having opening exercises and Brigham had been asleep in his car seat for about 5 minutes and our opening song was "I am a Child of God", after we had started singing it i looked down and Brigham was wide eyed and had the biggest grin on his face, i knew he liked this song, i just didn't know how much. How grateful i am for the sweet hymns and that my boys can recognize them at such a young age.

ps i am still looking for ideas for the rs birthday party, i know i have really creative friends and family. Share your ideas. love ya

Friday, January 18, 2008

Enrichment Leader...

So you can't get away with not having a calling for too long. I just received the call as Enrichment Leader in my ward. I am so excited, this is one that i have never had before or have i ever been apart of an enrichment committee. so i am excited for this new experience to learn and grow and especially to get to know more girls in my ward. i am looking for ideas though. My first big enrichment meeting is the relief society Birthday party and i would love any suggestions or ideas. Especially if you have done something in your wards that you thought was a lot of fun plus enriching. I would love all the help i can get. Thanks guys. love you all!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Called to Serve....

Dad and Mom received their mission call on Thursday Jan. 3. They called us all and asked if we couldn't all go to their house at noon, so all my brothers and Travis took their lunch breaks at noon so they could witness the opening. Some of the grandkids even got out of school for it. We were all there except Brad and his family. so we called them on the phone. We all made our guess as to where they were going to be called, being very hopeful i guessed the Honolulu Hawaii mission, needless to say i was wrong. We ate a very fast lunch and then gathered in the living room. We all sang our family song, "this is the night we've waited for" and then called brad and mom and dad proceeded to open their call. The spirit was so strong and they were called by the Lord to serve in the Sierra Leone, Africa mission.
They both got a little teary eyed knowing that that is where they are supposed to go. We all were so excited and got the globe out to see exactly where that is, it is just above the equator on the coast. We are all so happy for them. thanks mom and dad for your examples and your willingness to serve the Lord and the People of Sierra Leone. We can't wait to hear about all the fun experiences you will be having. we love you!!

this is dad getting Brad on the phone.

All of us who were there.

I had to show this one of mom, i think she is a little nervous, nervous but excited.

Looking for Sierra Leone on the globe.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!

New Years was a little bitter sweet this year. I don't know if i have mentioned it but my mom and dad have sold their house, the only house i have ever known. They are moving out in about 10 days and have bought a new home in west kaysville. They have also turned their mission papers in so we will be getting a call anytime. Anyways my family has a tradition of a huge new years eve party every year. where my whole family comes 46 of us, it is a blast. We always bring in the new year with Neil Diamond cranked up as loud as it goes. This year we snowmobiled, had kareoke contests, ate yummy food, danced with brad,played bingo and of course neil was playing loud. but after we had our new years kisses and had celebrated with sparkling drinks. we all just started to cry knowing that it was the last time in mom and dad's house. All the little cousins were crying, all the big adults were crying and of course dad saw it as an opportunity to teach us. He sat us all down and talked about a few of the many memories that we as a family had in the house and then bore his testimony to us. it was a great way to start out the new year. Thanks mom and dad for always teaching us the truth, and for making that house such a wonderful one because of the spirit that was always there. i can just hope and pray that i can always have that same spirit in my home. Happy 2008!
Travis and parley in matching shirts.

One of the last times we will all be in the kitchen together eating great food.

Brigham wasn't quite sure why he was staying up so late but was a great sport.

Parley loves to be with his cousins and just kind of does his own thing. He drank a lot of sparkling cider but my camera had died so i didn't get pics, but we got a few good laughs out of it, he seemed a little drunk.

Christmas Day!!

Christmas day was wonderful but very busy. We slept over at the shupe's, woke up around 8 and opened presents. We were very spoiled this year. I got my diaper bag that i have wanted and Santa gave Parley a train table. Brigham got a bebe pod chair and other little toys. Travis also had our hawaii pictures framed and i gave him a surfboard rack so that we could finally get our hawaii stuff hung up. We had a wondeful christmas breakfast with the shupes then we hauled everything home just in time to make it to my familys house for dinner. The dinner was delicious. My mom makes a ribbon jello every year, she puts them in individual cups so that everyone gets one. Its the thing i look forward to the most. I remember growing up that it would take her all day to make these jellos. She has to make about 40 of them and the kids love them. Thanks mom and dad for such a fun christmas night. We love you.
Grandpa and Brigham.

Grandma and Grandpa anderson and Brigham

Parley got this fun little bowling set from gma and gpa anderson, he loves it mostly because he gets to knock things over.

Parley got this cute rocking chair and cowboy hat from gma and gpa shupe. he absolutely loves it.

Christmas dinner, notice the jellos. Parley was totally loving his.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Shupe's...

We had a very fun Christmas eve, (Travis did his shopping of course)! We had a wonderful dinner at the shupes and then made candy trains. Parley was in heaven with all the candy, i couldn't keep up on the train because he kept eating it. It was so fun and we made many wonderful memories. Thanks shupe's!

Christmas pajamas!

Christmas Eve Breakfast at the Wagstaff's...

My sister Angie has a wonderful tradition of having us all over for Breakfast on Christmas Eve. Our Whole family comes except for Brad. so there is about 40 of us there. the food is amazing and she does it all. It is such a fun tradition. all the cousins love to be together and you can just feel the christmas spirit. Thanks ang and jim for a wonderful breakfast this year. We cant wait for next year already!

All the girls!

Parley loves his cousins. He loves to give them hugs, this is him and Georgia.

all the boys!

all the little toddlers.