Saturday, December 20, 2008

Elf dance

Merry Christmas from the Shupe's! We hope your holiday is filled with laughter!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Miley Ann Brown...

My Sister and Bro-inlaw had their 5th girl yesterday! She was a healthy 6 pounds 8 ounces and is so cute. We went and saw her last night, and it is hard to believe that my kids were ever that small, they grow so fast. She is darling and we are so glad she is here safe and sound 2 weeks before christmas. Good timing Miley! Welcome to the Family! Now i am next in my family! Yikes!

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's the most Wonderful time of the year...

I absolutely love this time of year. The excitement is in the air. Putting up decorations was a lot of fun this year with Parley being a little more involved, i think the kids feel the excitement too. Brigham has only eaten one ornament, yikes! What a great time to reflect on our Savior and his birth! What a blessing that is to me!

AFter we put the tree up Travis was telling the boys how he used to lay underneath it and look up at all the lights.

What would we do without Ranch...

Brigham loves Ranch! He wants to dip everything in it, and as long as he is eating something than i am ok with that. Here is a cute clip of the first time i gave him his own ranch!

Playing with Cousin Charlie...

My boys love when cousin Charlie comes over, they all have so much fun together, yes sometimes there is some arguing and saying Mine over everything, but for the most part they all get along. We walked down the street to feed the horses, and they loved it, even brigham got in on the action. then Parley and Charlie had to sit outside and watch the Garbage man, It is the highlight of Parleys week.

Quilting Bee...

Parley's "Hawaiian" quilt. Since he is our Hawaiian native.
Brigham's quilt.

My mom has a tradition that for every new grandchild she sews a beautiful baby quilt. as soon as you find out the gender you get to go shopping for fabric, she sews it together and then we all pitch in to help quilt it by hand. Well now that she is in the Phillippines, she finds her own Material, sews it together and than sends it home for us to quilt. My sister is due any day with her 5th girl and mom sent home the quilt, we all got together one day a few weeks ago to quilt it. it was so much fun. WE missed mom but we could smell her on the blanket and felt like she was there :)! This is a picture of all the kids having lunch, you can't have a quilting bee without a yummy lunch, so we made cafe rio salads, Yum! i didn't even get a picture of the quilters, oops!


Lately, it seems that everywhere i go, people ask me if my boys are twins? Maybe its because i dress them alike any chance i get. i just can't help it, if i buy something for Parley than i have to buy it for Brigham too, or visa versa, isn't that how it goes? Twins or not, i do know that little brigham really looks up to his big brother and Parley always wants to do whatever Brigham is doing. I am just so grateful that they have each other for their whole lives.


Wow, it has been so long, i don't even know where to start. How about with the wonderful Thanksgiving we had. We celebrated at gma and gpa shupes house this year, it was very nice, they worked really hard and put on a great party. I didn't even take any pictures, i can't believe it. We all enjoyed wonderful food and great company. The only sad part, was that i didn't get to see any of my side of the family this year, its hard when your parents are serving a mission very far away. As we were driving home from thanksgiving dinner thursday night, i got a little emotional thinking about it and even more emotional thinking about Christmas coming up, but i also feel so blessed that they are willing to sacrifice so much and be somewhere so foreign for so long, only 31 months left!! We love you mom and dad and you were missed around here, but we wouldn't have it any other way! I felt very blessed this year as i thought about all i have to be thankful for. I won't get into a list but it is overwhelming to think about the blessings. i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!