Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Happy Day...Ella's first time in Nursery...

You might be thinking big deal, the first day of nursery but it is a huge deal for us. It has been 4 1/2 years since I have attended the last 2 hours of church without a child and yesterday was a Happy day because I got to do just that! Ella is now 18 months and is going to nursery, she did awesome yesterday and the teachers just fell in love with her. I was a little nervous she wouldn't go very good because lately she is more aware of me and my whereabouts, but she did awesome and we were so proud!! Way to go El's, hopefully she will keep this up. Oh and she was so proud to bring home the treat bucket!!
Her brothers were proud too and we made a pretty big deal of it the whole way home from church!! yay Ella!
and seriously I can't get brig to take a normal picture, this is his signature move, the cocked head and the tongue out!
oh There we go!!

Parley's first day...

Parley started school last week and loves it again!! I am so excited for him, he has so many friends in his class and is loving everything. I am amazed at how much he learned last year and am excited to see what his little brain can take in this year. He is obsessed with numbers and I often will find him counting anything and everything. He knows how to write all of his letters and knows the sounds of all of them too. He remembered the pledge of allegiance from last year, Whew! He loves to color and do crafts and is very particular and detailed in his work. Looking forward to another great year!
His cousin and one of his best friends Boston...

His best friend Stockton..
another good friend Jesse...
Brigham of course thought he was going to school too so he got his back pack on and was already to go and yes he was devastated that he didn't get to go with Parley. He does start his preschool tomorrow, we will see how that goes...
and I love this picture of my 4 year old and 2 year old. Good luck at School this year Parley, we think you are pretty Great!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soccer has begun..

We decided last minute to put Parley in Soccer again, I don't know if you remember but last time was a joke, he was barely 3 and didn't really understand the game.Here is a picture of last year when he played and this is where he spent most of his time, on the ground wrestling his cousin...
to this year...

I was so proud of him. He scored 2 goals and stopped at least 5 goals. He even knew when he needed to turn the ball around and go towards his goal. He did awesome, it really is amazing how much he can learn in a year. He had a ton of fun too which I am so grateful for. It helps that he has such a passion to win at anything he is doing, he has one competitive little heart! Love this kid.


I love these two boys but they sure are a handful especially when they don't get along. But when they do get along I honestly can't think of anything better. The other night I walked into this, Parley reading to Brigham and seriously look at how happy brig is. I love it. Don't mind what they are reading though, The Super Mario Brothers handbook. :)

My Electrician...

So I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I have the best Electrician around. A few nights ago we had a pretty good wind storm and the power went out, this was at 4 pm and it wasn't restored until the next day at noon,so that was about 20 hours without power, well my awesome electrician aka Travis hooked up a generator for us, it was awesome, I am so grateful for a husband that can do just about anything. I was able to keep all of our food cold along with some neighbors and keep our house pretty cool. You don't realize how much you use power until it is gone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stanley Idaho 2010...

We had a blast at the cabin this year. The week flew by and we couldn't believe when it was time to go home. Great Gma and Gpa came up this year and it was so fun to be up there with them. We loved being with family and being in the beautiful mountains. It was nice and cool, even cold enough to have a fire. Oh how we love it at the cabin!
A favorite activity every year, feeding the chipmunks, they will climb right up on your lap to get the peanut.
We had family night up there and we played "Oink piggy oink", parley loved it and thought it was so funny.
We went on lots of 4wheeler rides that my kids love! Whenever Ella would be crying or mad about something we could just ask her if she wanted to go for a ride and she would instantly stop crying and nod and point to the door..if only I had a 4 wheeler in my garage so i could always do that.
One day we drove to a trail and took a long ride up to dagger falls, it was so pretty!
the kids fell asleep in the car on the way to the trail. aren't they sweet when they are sleeping :)
we had lunch at dagger falls and then took some pics or the falls..
Me and my awesome hubby of 8 years.. Happy anniversary today babe!! I love you more than ever !
Travis bought a motorcycle this year because there is an awesome lake above the cabin that you can only get to by motorcycle, so he went up there twice and did some awesome fishing! they called themselves Wild Hogs!
The boys even did a little fishing and each caught a couple of their own fish, Brig even fell in while fishing..
Parley's line got stuck on a rock so Trav made him walk through the freezing water to get it, Parley didn't even flinch..
The 4th night Grant heard some noise on the deck around 1:00 am so he went out to check it out and saw a full grown Black Bear, thats right I said BEAR! so he woke up Kyle and Trav and Kyle went on the deck in his garments with a BB Gun thats right I said BB Gun, his trusty Red Ryder. anyways the bear was right by the deck and dragged a couple of our coolers in to the trees and had tipped over and bit into a few other coolers, Our cooler has bear teeth holes in it. He ate our dessert and a case of apples, we found our strawberries up in the trees the next day, he bit into a watermelon and got into some of our drinks. It was pretty cool to see but I am glad we were all safe in the cabin unlike the campers that weren't too far away from us. There was big muddy paw prints on the back of Trav's truck. It was a pretty exciting night.
those tiny little lights you see are the bears eyes..
The mighty bear hunters, I woke up to see what was going on and I was dying over kyle's outfit!
Parley  went hunting for treasures everyday, and this was his loot!
Just hangin out at the cabin!!

the boys with the peanuts they were feeding the squirrels..
These 2 have so much fun together!
Travis and Kyle bathed all the kids together one night, wow!!
Look at all those cute kids!

We took the boat to RedFish lake one day, this is my most favorite lake and I am always amazed by its beauty!
Parley wakeboarded for his first time with his dad!
You can't really see it but he is giving us a thumbs up!
Then Ella wanted to go swimming so Trav took her wakeboarding too and she loved it!
We played on the beach and had lunch..
It was  a fun day at the Lake...
It is always fun to go to church at the cabin, they meet in a little chapel that a couple other religions meet in too, and it has  beautiful view of the sawtooth mountains.

On sunday we took the boys down to the river and they threw huge rocks in over and over.. they love to do this..
then we headed up to the treehouse,they love to play in this too..
Brig finally took a much needed nap..
and then we built a fire and had smore's..Parley built the fire all by himself and was pretty proud of it..
and finally we came home.. can't wait till next year!