Sunday, August 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we started Ella on some rice cereal. She wasn't to sure about it at first but is enjoying it now. She has also tried some vegetables and so far so good. The only thing is she hasn't quite figured out how to eat it without spitting most of it out with her tongue or chewing it. She is pretty funny to watch! We are totally enjoying this third addition to our family. Brigham is thrilled that Ella is eating cereal because he loves the stuff, and now whenever he wants a snack that is what he chooses, so i mix him up a bowl of rice cereal and he eats it up! He must be like his mom because i like the stuff too but it has to have a lot of sugar on it!

And this last picture is just one of our favorite faces that Ella makes. we love this girl. and check out those cheeks. Today at church someone told me she had michelin arms and another person told me that her arms looked like a caterpillar. oh and halfway through church i had to take her tights off because they wouldn't stay up on her bum. She is so chunky and we love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of Preschool...

Parley started preschool today! I can't believe it. He looked so big with his back pack on. He was a little shy when we got there, but he said he had a blast and couldn't wait to show me his homework! Travis gave Parley a father's blessing last night during family night, it was the sweetest thing, he sat there with his arms folded and his eyes tightly shut the whole time. When he was done, Parley said ok, it's Brigham's turn, so brigham sat up on the chair like a big boy and got one too, he also sat there the whole time with arms folded and eyes closed. When he was done, they both said that it was mom's turn, so i took a turn too. It was a wonderful experience for our little family to have the spirit in our home and felt by all. After i was done, the boys wanted dad to have one too, so we had to explain to them that Grandpa would have to do that. Travis gave beautiful blessings, i am so grateful and feel so blessed to have the priesthood in our home.

It was an exciting morning for Parley and Brigham (he thought he was going to school too, and was devastated when he didn't get to stay with his brother, it actually brought a tear to my eye) he wanted to wear his backpack just like his big brother! I am so excited for Parley to be in school, i think he will really enjoy it, he has a few friends in his class,Lucy and Boston and he can't wait to make more! As for me, i get 2 1/2 hrs every tuesday and thursday with just 2 kids, i am looking forward to it! But Parley will be missed. We love you bud!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oquirhh Mountain Temple Dedication...

Travis and I were able to attend the 3:00 dedication yesterday and i had to post a little something about it. I was so touched by the many stories of saints throughout the world that sacrifice so much to attend the temple. I was actually pretty emotional the whole time (maybe it was because i didn't have any of my kids with me, so i had time to really sit and think), it just made me so grateful for the many temples that i have all around me and that i really do take them for granted and i need to try so much harder to attend them often. We are able to look out our kitchen window every night and see the bountiful temple, I love it! What a blessing these beautiful temples are to me and that they really are the House of the Lord.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's to 7...

Travis and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary today! i cannot believe it has been 7 years since we were married. Time has flown by, but then i look back at all we have done together and can't believe it has only been 7 years! We have had our share of ups and downs and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful i am to have gone through everything with him, I couldn't have picked a better mate! I love him with all my heart! Thanks babe for the 7 best years of my life, here is to many many more!! I can't wait for the many adventures that lie ahead for us, because anything with you is worth going through! I love you babe!

and might i add that i got the pick of the litter, what a babe!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stanley ID 2009...

I printed my blog a couple of weeks ago and loved how it turned out, so now it really is my journal so you may be seeing more pics and more details in my posts from now on!

We had so much fun on our trip to Stanley this year, I absolutely love it up there for a couple of reasons: 1. I get to be with my family 2. The cell phones don't work so we have no distractions 3. The amazing beauty, it is seriously so pretty up there. and 4. We of course eat yummy food, but it is, to me, the perfect vacation!!
We did a lot this year but also had a lot of time to relax! We left Saturday morning and spent the night in Hailey Idaho, just before you get to sun valley, it was so fun, We swam at the hotel, ate out, and just enjoyed being with my little family. Sunday morning we attended sacrament meeting in Hailey and than headed in to Stanley, Parley couldn't wait to get to the cabin, he had been talking about it for days! The rest of the family came up Sunday night. On monday, we had fun riding the 4 wheelers and rhino, feeding the squirrels, (there was one really fat squirrel that would crawl all the way up your body for some food, it was hilarious, and a little frightening, we went through a lot of peanuts), throwing rocks in the river, watching movies, playing games and of course eating yummy food. On Tuesday we took an all day 4 wheeler trip to the very top of the mountain, it was awesome, Ella even got to go on the rhino and loved it! On wednesday we went to the Redfish lake, i love it here, it is so pretty, it was a little busy but it was fun, all my kids got in the freezing cold water and loved it. we also did a little fishing and caught lots of fish, Parley was dying to eat one of them and kept getting mad at travis for throwing them back, so he kept one of them and cleaned it out and fried it up, Parley tasted it but didn't like it so much but everyone else enjoyed it. On thursday Travis and his bro Shane took the motor cycles up the mountain just above the cabin to go to a lake and fish, well the ride ended up being a little longer and rougher than they had anticipated and came home much later with bruises and bumps all over. Travis asked me if i was worried about him, but i just thought he was still fishing, they did catch a lot of fish up there and said it was really pretty. but they probably won't be doing that one again anytime soon. On friday it was a little bit colder and rainy so we just hung out around the cabin, played games, threw more rocks in the river,( in fact i wonder if there is any rocks left up there, parley and brig loved doing that.) watched movies and of course ate more yummy food, and did some more fishing, brigham even caught a couple, We also did a fire that night and had smores. On Saturday we went to stanley lake another favorite of mine, i think all of the lakes up there are my favorite, they are so pretty and hidden in the mountains. On sunday we attended the Stanley branch and looked at the beautiful view of the sawtooth mountains. Then we HAD to pack up and come home, we were gone for 8 days and i still wasn't ready to come home, it was such a great vacation and it is so nice to have a nice cabin to go and stay in, even if it has bats and mice, which reminds me, one of the nights there was a bat flying around in the boys room after they had gone to bed, Jessie, amy, grant and amy's friend hunted it for awhile and finally got it cornered and were able to get it out, but the boys slept through everything, i couldn't believe it. we had a lot of laughs over it the next morning. Brigham also got his little fingers caught in a mouse trap, poor thing, he was pretty tough though.

What a fun trip, can't wait for next year!!