Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our first Stitches...

We were at the Shupe's Monday night, Travis was helping them with their remodel and we were having dinner together. The kids were running around and playing when we hear a painful cry from the front room, Travis runs in there and finds out Parley has fallen and hit the corner of the coffee table right on his forehead. It was bleeding pretty good,and as we were washing it out realized that it would need stitches. It was pretty deep!we bandaged him up and i took him to urgent care. He did great, i couldn't believe how brave he was! i personally have never had stitches and don't ever want them. but they came and put some numbing stuff right on the wound and then 15 minutes later stitched him up with 3 stitches, he didn't even flinch. They put a towel over his face and he kept trying to peek underneath it at me. He was so sweet.The doctor and nurse kept saying," i can't believe how good he is being", they said they usually have to wrestle the 2 year olds and strap them down, but he didn't even try to move! i was so proud! In the time we were waiting for it to be all numb, he had a big blowout, and in my hurry to leave didn't grab the diaper bag. i thought oh, we are almost done,but then of course it was going up his back, poor kid! so i asked the urgent care people if they had diapers and wipes and they do, all sizes! so we got him cleaned up and stitched up and he was good to go! i thought it would settle him down a little for the rest of the night, but who was i kidding! as soon as we got back to shupes he was off and running again! What a brave little boy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its a .....

We are so excited to have a little girl join our family! i can't even believe it, it is hard for me to think of a little girl and doing little girl stuff and changing a little girls diapers after doing boys stuff for so long! Travis says he still has a back up boy name, just in case! He is having a hard time believing it! I am so excited to see him with a little girl, it is going to be so fun! If any of you have cute name ideas, send them my way! I really have nothing right now! We feel so blessed to be adding a third to our family, and feel sooo blessed that she is healthy so far and that everything looks just right! what a miracle!